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an industrial region in the Ukraine

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Since June 2014, Ukraine's State Emergency Service deminers disposed of 195,000 unexploded munitions, including old ones and those discovered in the conflict-affected areas of Donbass.
Participants of the Contact Group on Ukraine signed Tuesday an agreement on the withdrawal of tanks and weaponry with a caliber of under 100-mm from a separation line between Kiev-led forces and Donbass militia in Eastern Ukraine, RIA Novosti reported.
Health care was an early casualty of the conflict in the Donbass.
Olexandra Sorokopud, coordinator of the Lviv-based charity Crimea SOS which helps people who have fled Donbass in the east and Crimea in the south, said that in the absence of a national plan, local officials were calling around asking if landlords could accommodate displaced families in empty houses in villages, some of which she said were almost uninhabitable.
He also said that Ukraine does not take "real steps" to implement general amnesty for those who were fighting in Donbass as well as exchange of prisoners of war using the formula "all for all, instead of 10 for 10 or 30 for 30.
Right after the coup, the neo-nazi groups had sent militia into the Donbass destroying vital infra structure, dragging people from their homes, threatening and terrorizing the population.
There is no question of federalisation or separation of any Ukrainian territory", but he then told the Russian rebels that the Donbass would get a special status with greater autonomy.
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin have agreed on cease-fire in Donbass in a telephone conversation, the Ukrainian presidential press service said Wednesday.
Russia is aware that rebuilding the Donbass (the industrial east) will cost not millions but billions of hryvnia," he said.
Russia has noted Poroshenko's statement that his first visit in case of victory will be to Donbass in Eastern Ukraine, Lavrov said.
Shuleyko expressed hope that Russia, which annexed Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula last month, would also wield influence in the Donetsk region near the border with Russia, known as the Donbass.
He added that Donbass -- the informal name of the Donetsk region that is now the hotbed of Ukraine's latest wave of unrest -- had a vast majority that was happy to be rid of the old leaders and become part of a broader Europe.
He added that an anti-terrorist operation involving the army would begin in eastern Ukraine, unless rebels laid down their arms, and that the Donbass region "will soon be stabilised".
SKA ST PETERSBURG begin a three-stop road trip against Donbass Donetsk today, and the Army Men will be hoping to carry the good form of a recent home stand with them, writes Adam Scriven.
Still, it made United the first English team to take a point off the Ukraine heavyweights, after previous failures in the Donbass Arena for Arsenal (twice), Tottenham and, last season, Chelsea.