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Roman grammarian whose textbook on Latin grammar was used throughout the Middle Ages (fourth century)

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Donatus Kaufmann: We thank Torsten Gessner for his significant efforts building up our regional business structure.
That Dante's position is constructed upon a standard locus ("figura est vitium com ratione"), and from the tradition of grammarians such as Donatus and Priscian, nonetheless hardly explains the value the poet assigns to figures of speech and rhetorical devices in Chapters 24-25.
For Cyprian's account of his own conversion, see his letter to Donatus (246/247 C.
Iulius Donatus a commande une uexillatio dite Golensis et peut-etre un autre detachement appele numerus collatus au temps de l'empereur Philippe l'Arabe.
Breen asking where have all the people gone in the accounts of "popular political mobilization," Jorg Nagler reinserting slavery into the military history of the American Revolution, Wolfgang Kruse exploring the shifting meanings of the levee en masse, Donatus Dusterhaus examining the role of religion in Alsace's revolutionary experience, Karen Hagemann ascribing a new meaning to masculinity, Marion Breuning comparing Washington and Baltimore during the War of 1812, Katherine Aaslestad comparing the devastating effect of Napoleonic warfare on neutrality and economics in north European states and Mary Favret employing literary sources to reconstruct everyday attitudes in Britain to illustrate the preoccupation with war-related issues.
Donatus of the Botany and Microbiology Department, University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria and confirmed at the Federal Research Institute, Ibadan (FRIN) where a voucher specimen is deposited (FHI 107324).
Nations (UN) Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi and his counterpart Donatus Keith
I subsequently got in contact with Father Donatus Dunselman and Dr.
Roman round The Roman Forum ruins in front of the Church of St Donatus and the Archbishop's Palace include original paving stones as well as the 'Pillar of Shame,' used to punish wrong-doers in the Middle Ages.
26) In response Donatus Nwoqa wonders if Anozie is not disturbed by the sources of the materials for "Elegy for Alto," one of Okigbo's later poems.
They differ in that the Saint Donatus shrine lacks a canopy, and also in that it does not depend on arcuated forms except in a secondary way (the sculptures of the upper registers are framed by arched moldings).
Donatus, Bishop of Havana to His Excellency the Governor of Cuba, Major General Leonard Wood, U.