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an adherent of Donatism

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For Constantine, the thwarting of sectarian groups of Christians such as the Donatists was an example of how a mere idea about a religion, about which no one had any evidence other than the fact that the belief was widespread and adopted by the state, resulted in people being killed.
examines homilies on liturgical feasts from the entire span of Augustine's preaching career and some 40 homilies preached during the time of the Donatist controversy, prior to the emergence of the Pelagian controversy.
In pagan milieux too suicide was most often regarded as honourable (63) and the view on suicide thus aligns the novels with the Donatist passions.
As the Donatist Bishop Primian said, "The sons of the martyrs and the brood of traditores can never meet.
185-206; William Hugh Clifford FREND y Kurt CLANCY, When did the Donatist Schism Begin?
At the beginning of the fifth century in Christian North Africa St Augustine eventually invoked the power of the Roman Empire in order to suppress the Donatist church which had, in his view, broken and separated itself from the communion of love.
These homilies are the only commentary on John from the Latin patristic tradition; they are of immense interest, therefore, informed by the Donatist heresy that Augustine opposes.
Even though every denomination considers itself theologically "orthodox", my contention is that we are all ecclesiastically heterodox--all of Christendom today suffers from the Donatist heresy, considering other Christians outside the bounds of the true church.
Upon hearing of the Donatist dissention from the Catholic Church, Augustine, who admits that he once believed "that no one should be compelled into the unity of Christ," (25) had come to realize that there is advantage in compelling people "by fear or pain, so that they might afterword be influenced by teaching.
As Tuberville notes in reference to the Donatist heretics, Augustine "strongly reprobated" the use of the death penalty (1964: 127).
It must be remembered that the authority cited in support of legitimate state seizure type 2 is Augustine's Letter to Vincentius the Donatist, which refers to the sort of controversy with which present-day Protestant readers may be more familiar than are Roman Catholics: When the church splits, which faction has legitimate title to the property?
In correspondence with Vincentius, a Donatist leader, Augustine admitted that earlier he had not thought so, but he had changed his mind.
Norman even likens the relative youth of his former Church to the length of time the now largely forgotten Donatist heresy, bete noire of St Augustine of Hippo, managed to survive (p.
On the historical acceptance of suicide, most notable were his references to Socrates and the Athenian state support for the practice, Stoic endorsement of suicide as a rational ideal, early Christian glorification of martyrdom (especially within the heretical Donatist sect), the lenient attitude assumed toward suicide as a result of insufferable pain in English common law, and the rejection of the traditional condemnation of suicide found in the work of various modern philosophers, especially that of David Hume.
The donatist heresy claimed that sacraments were impaired if the person performing them was heretical or unorthodox.