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a schismatic Christian religion in northern Africa from the 4th to the 7th century

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Donatism, which goes beyond the framework of the "consensus", is a heresy, whereas the teaching of St Symeon the New Theologian on the "power to bind and to loose", which remains within that expanse, is absolutely correct--even though it is distinct from opinions expressed by other Fathers who lived in other historical contexts, wrote in other languages and emphasized other aspects of the very same truth.
It was the birthplace alike of vernacular theology and of Western theology through the African lawyer-theologians Tertullian, Cyprian, and Augustine, and it was the source of innovative, socially conscious Christian movement s like Donatism, which perhaps produced the first liberation theologians.
Similarly, Savage describes the Donatism that had reemerged among rural Christians of North Africa in the sixth century.
At the very beginning of his book," writes Guarino, "Vincent enumerates a long list of heresies besetting the church: Arianism, Donatism, Pelagianism, and the list proceeds on and on.
For all of Kennan's famed realism, there was a streak of naivete in some of his views, a curious, not always consistent quest for purity by state actors that smacked of a political Donatism.
discusses such aspects as Christian and Roman universalism in the fourth century, Donatism and the Confessions of Augustine, Gregory the Great and the mission to the Anglo Saxons, conscience in ancient thought, and the calendar as the sanctification of time.
Not even ten years after Loehe's death, one already had the fitting heresy labels at hand: his views are permeated by Donatism, they show an individualistic disease, and are not without "romanticizing" traits (578.
To understand the potential here, and the impulses that led to this, one would find it helpful to have had a capsule presentation and assessment of the other paradigms, such as those offered by Arianism, Donatism, or the Marcionites.
In the persistent use of mono-dimensional approaches to ecumenical history, a church runs the risk of feeding a polemical ecumenical attitude which is really a form of Donatism, the view that it is Satan who insists that Christ desired unity.
But, apart from the heresy of Donatism, which some Lollards do seem to have espoused, can one really say that their ecclesiology contradicts any article of the Christian faith?
Profoundly influenced by his struggle against Donatism, Augustine's reading of Psalm 45 emphasized the authority of the (male) bishop in establishing the universal character of the (female) church.