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a Spanish courtesy title or form of address for a woman

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When it comes to world-famous mole pastes and tender nopalitos, DONA MARIA brand has been Mexico's favorite brand for over 65 years.
Dona was found dead with parachute cords and harness straps wrapped around his neck after a routine training jump in Southeast Georgia.
Mohinder Singh, a resident of Dona Nanka, reiterates the role of polluted groundwater and demonstrates an experiment to back his stance.
Robert Bullard, the dean of the School of Public Affairs at Texas Southern University who is widely known as the father of the environmental justice movement, tells me, "When you have a highly concentrated chemical corridor like Dona Park, you attract similar types of industry--not the headquarters of Starbucks.
Dona Emilia Pardo Bazan alludes to this concern of folklorists in her inaugural speech for the Sociedad del Folk-lore Gallego in 1884: "Todas cuantas personas se hallan congregadas en este recinto, han oido quejarse, o se han quejado alguna vez, de que desaparecen las antiguas costumbres, de que los pueblos pierden su fisonomia, su caracter, su tipo propio, igualandose bajo la mano niveladora de la civilizacion que borra todo lo tradicional" (8-9).
A Dona Ana County spokesman claimed Mr Slevin was offered the chance to join other prisoners but rejected it.
Addressing scores of Lebanese expatriates, diplomats and Emirati officials, represented by Dr Rashid Ahmad Bin Fahd, Minister of Environment and Water, Dona said: "Today we are launching a loud and very serious cry EoACAyThink Green'.
Dona, who is an Odissi dancer, runs 'Diksha Manjuri' in Kolkata.
But Tom also revealed that a Spanish woman called Dona Isabel Naylor Mendez visited the cemetery once a year on Remembrance Day to place a flower on Sgt Crossan's grave and that of other heroes buried at the site - although no one knew why.
DAVID Nicholls again lived up to his 'sprint king' nickname, saddling Buachaill Dona to claim the pounds 30,000 ESH Group Gosforth Park Cup last night.
Well, that famous loser had nothing on Dona Chepa, a Puerto Rican-based racehorse who has established a new world record for most consecutive defeats.
Dona Dolores arrived breathless: "What is it, Hilarion?
DONA International Annual Conference, July 19-22, 2007.
Crews from the Los Angeles Fire Department, the Department of Water and Power and the California Department of Transportation were called to the 3000 block of Laurel Canyon at Dona Dorotea Drive at 4:33 p.
Her fully voiced reading captures both the realistic teen dialogue--self-conscious, forthright, and emotional--and the tone and style of each of the other characters, especially Happy Kaufman, Milly's Jewish grandmother, and Dona Gloria, the aged village wise woman.