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a European river in southwestern Russia


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Within the framework of the working visit, the minister inspected the square, the first phase of which was completed in February this year, as well as the embankment of the right bank of the Don River, landscaped by a concession agreement.
Other excellent essays attempt to describe the way in which nature, as represented by the Don River, that prodigal son of Toronto rivers, as well as by the cholera-inducing marshes of Ashbridge's Bay and the form-changing, ever dissolute Toronto Islands, were conceptualized by decision makers and commentators at the time, although the essayists sometimes find it difficult not to look back with a 21st-century perspective on those earlier debates.
The route will take walkers up from the Don Valley, over the ridge and down to the Little Don River at Langsett for a dip into the Peak District National Park.
Researchers in Toronto, Ontario have found that at least one local snow dump has been wreaking havoc in the nearby Don River.
Moose occupied this region in the 17th and 18th centuries into the early 19th century; in the 1660s moose were so common in the Don River region that hides were a major export product to the Muscovy (i.
July 31 Germans cross the Don River along a 150-mile front that approaches Stalingrad toward its southeastern end, in an attempt to resuscitate an offensive that stalled in December 1941.
The excavations are located in the villages of Kostenki and Borshchevo, on the low terraces just above the Don River, overlooking a broad valley.
Harold Shepherd, and "Over the Don," a history of the east side of the Don River by Ron Fletcher.
They accomplish this by analyzing the narratives and discourses surrounding four 1990's policy cases in two cities: the Don River restoration and a soil remediation project in Toronto and, in Los Angeles, air quality management and the restoration of the Los Angeles River.
In Toronto these include ecological rehabilitation of the Don River, and remediation of contaminated soil.
The Crash crew was set up near the Don River overpass, preparing to shoot the movie's climactic post-accident scene.
This summer, marigolds bloomed among the Three Sisters (corn, beans and squash), and you could find prairie smoke, slender vervain, chives and wild columbine, which is native to the Don River watershed.
It was the main port for the great Genoese merchant ships (16-20), which connected there to a coastal shipping industry to Tana (now Azov, Russia) on the Don River.
HISTORY NOTE: About 150,000 troops fought in the Hungarian army under Nazi command at the Don River in 1944.