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a European river in southwestern Russia


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In Reclaiming the Don Jennifer Bonnell looks closely at one part of Toronto's hinterland, the Don River and its valley, to understand how people have thought about Toronto and its relationship to the natural world since the arrival of Loyalist refugees and the first lieutenant-governor of Upper Canada, John Graves Simcoe, in the early 1790s to the present day.
Moose gradually expanded southward inhabiting riparian habitat of the Don River and steppes, and utilizing new forages including sunflower (Helianthus annuus) tops and heads of reed (Phragmites australis).
Harold Shepherd, and "Over the Don," a history of the east side of the Don River by Ron Fletcher.
They accomplish this by analyzing the narratives and discourses surrounding four 1990's policy cases in two cities: the Don River restoration and a soil remediation project in Toronto and, in Los Angeles, air quality management and the restoration of the Los Angeles River.
The Crash crew was set up near the Don River overpass, preparing to shoot the movie's climactic post-accident scene.
This summer, marigolds bloomed among the Three Sisters (corn, beans and squash), and you could find prairie smoke, slender vervain, chives and wild columbine, which is native to the Don River watershed.
It was the main port for the great Genoese merchant ships (16-20), which connected there to a coastal shipping industry to Tana (now Azov, Russia) on the Don River.
HISTORY NOTE: About 150,000 troops fought in the Hungarian army under Nazi command at the Don River in 1944.
We walked a coastal path lined with tropical flowers and trees, spent a super afternoon at the Tiagarra Aboriginal Centre, jumped on a vintage steam train for a Don River sight-seeing trip - and at night polished off piles of seafood and stubbies (small bottles of beer).
Paul's Church, built in the early 1820s in the midst of Irish settlement on the west side of the Don River, was the only Catholic Church in Toronto and served as a cathedral when the diocese was formed.
Toronto - Working with the City Parks and Recreation Division to clean and beautify the valley lands of the Don River.
25) By 1921 the population had risen to 521,893 and sites to the east of the Don River were increasingly being settled.
In an unsuccessful bid to avoid constructing the Esplanade, they subsequently tried to occupy city land east from Bay Street to a connection with the Montreal line at the Don River.