Don Juan

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Synonyms for Don Juan

Synonyms for Don Juan

a man who seduces women

a man amorously attentive to women

Words related to Don Juan

any successful womanizer (after the legendary profligate Spanish nobleman)

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Winter has come early for Belgrade press officer Ray Clenshaw as the stage is covered in three inches of specially-imported fake snow for production Don Juan Comes Back from the War.
Yes, the one and only Don Juan is at it again in the 1665 Moliere play that carries his name.
9) Applying this perspective to the two examples of the Don Juan legend being studied here, we can say that both plays represent a stratified social order whose structure is in turn discursively reinforced and stratified.
For the aged tequilas, Don Juan Tequila Reposado and Don Juan Tequila Anejo, the company's Master Distiller orchestrated his aging artistry, employing used American bourbon oak barrels to give the spirit its carefully crafted baroque characteristics as manifested by the final product's rich color, aromatic bouquet and multi-layered flavors.
In the words of the season booklet, "My Brother is Don Juan is an opera for secondary schools about love and freedom, right and wrong, discovering your own identity and how it is to feel invisible to someone you love.
Aunque el propio dramaturgo fue muy critico con su obra (entre otras razones porque intento reiteradamente romper su compromiso con Delgado, el editor que percibia los beneficios de la pieza), el drama Don Juan Tenorio aumenta su fama con los anos y las ediciones se suceden ya en vida del autor.
Not only is it easy on the budget, but despite its touristy-sounding name, Hacienda Don Juan is genuine.
The two regular working meetings of the Austrian National Branch in autumn 2012 and in spring 2013, one hosted by the Mozarteum Salzburg's University Library, the other one by the Don Juan Archive in Vienna, focused on the digitisation of music material.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The Supreme Court of Appeals has unanimously reversed a local court's decision to acquit a publisher and a translator of the charge of obscenity for a book titled "Memoirs of a Young Don Juan," Turkish news agencies reported on Tuesday.
But one commercial by Egyptian Don Juan Ahmed Ezz had the opposite effect on TV viewers; it made them want to watch it over and over again
Washington, February 8 ( ANI ): A research team led by Brown University geologists has discovered how Antarctica's Don Juan Pond gets the salty water it needs to exist.
Both Don Juan A Family Mexican Restaurant and Shooter's Pub & Grill - which share space in one building complex at the Santa Clara Center - will be forced to close shop for the time being after a fire set in the back storage area around 4:30 a.
Detectives believe Mr Lin was targeted because of his reputation as a Don Juan.
Since its origins in seventeenth-century Spain, the Don Juan myth has given rise to literary discourses of all genres and in literatures of many languages.
King of Spain Don Juan Carlos I awarded Taalaibek Bapanov with the Grand Cross of Civil Merit in appreciation of "commendable work for the sake of the Spanish interests as the Honorary Consul of Spain to Kyrgyzstan and in particular for invaluable support, protection and assistance provided to Spanish citizens staying in Kyrgyzstan and active promotion of the Spanish culture in Kyrgyzstan.