Don Juan

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Synonyms for Don Juan

Synonyms for Don Juan

a man who seduces women

a man amorously attentive to women

Words related to Don Juan

any successful womanizer (after the legendary profligate Spanish nobleman)

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Continuing to entice women with his usual rapacity, Don Giovanni is haunted by the ghost of the murdered man and decides to invite him to dinner.
Johann Smari Saeversson's performance as the Commendatore is domineering and suitably punishing toward Don Giovanni.
So it was his selections from Don Giovanni, Verdi's Don Carlo and Wagner's Tannhauser which really thrilled.
But I loved the full-blooded performances - William Dazeley as the dastardly Don Giovanni who philanders, so he claims, out of generosity to womanhood and Matthew Hargreaves as his long-suffering servant, Leporello.
Mid Wales has staged Don Giovanni twice before but now Martin Lloyd-Evans is directing an exciting new version," said Nicholas Cleobury who will conduct.
Woodfield opens his book with Da Pontes account of the early Viennese reception of Don Giovanni which he uses to set up this theme.
Now at the top of his profession he has played most of the classic roles in grand opera and will be singing the title role of Don Giovanni with the Welsh National Opera at Venue Cymru in Llandudno in November.
So the composer cut two of the original arias and inserted three newly-composed pieces, thus creating The Vienna Don Giovanni.
A rendition of Mozart's Don Giovanni, considered by many as on of the finest operas ever written, promises two nights of spirit-lifting interactive performances alongside an array of stunning costumes.
London, Nov 29 (ANI): A new version of Don Giovanni opera has sparked outrage amongst many, thanks to a scene that includes a gang rape by a group of masked men wearing Jesus Christ t-shirts.
The Thousand Faces of Don Giovanni: Cultures at Crossroads" covers the musical comedy "Don Giovanni and His Servant Pulcinella" along with workshops based on the culturally rich character of Don Giovanni.
Don Giovanni and his servant, Leporello, are both bass-baritones, and artists often play either of the two characters.
Yep, it's the women of Seville getting the vapors over Mozart's lady-killing Don Giovanni, once more in residence at L.
Thousands are set to fill Botanic Gardens next week for Mozart's Don Giovanni, broadcast onto a giant screen via satellite from London's Royal Opera House.