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Emperor of Rome

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When plagues or epidemics struck Rome, as under Domitian and later under Marcus Aurelius' son Commodus, rumors of killers striking with poisoned needles raced through the capital.
Development work of the regional business park Domitian North Link to Vendargues.
A silver denarius coin showing the Emperor Domitian who ruled from AD 81-96
Before one can evaluate Domitian himself, it is first necessary to consider what the position of the Jewish people was in the Roman Empire before him and what the general Roman opinion was of them.
During almost the next two centuries of Roman history, the reigns of Domitian, Trajan, Marcus Aurelius, Septimius Severus, and Maximinus Thrax all saw outbreaks of persecution, some of which doubtless had the approval of the emperor.
New Testament apocalyptic derives much of its imagery from this same vision and often for the same reason: persecution of the faithful (most scholars think the book of Revelation was written during the persecutions of the Emperor Domitian at the end of the first century).
Rutledge, Imperial Inquisitions: Prosecutors and Informants from Tiberius to Domitian [hereinafter "Imperial Inquisitions"] (Taylor & Francis, 2002), 9 (stating, "The word delator comes from the phrase nomen deferre, meaning either to lay information or to accuse, since the individual who initially denounced another individual before a magistrate could also be the one who conducted the prosecution.
It was certainly not the demens Aegyptos of Juvenal, banished by the Emperor Domitian to the distant outpost of Aswan.
The name Domitian usually refers to the first-century emperor (AD 81-96), Suetonius's twelfth Caesar, who was remote in time by the age of the radiates and, being subject to the damnatio memoriae, was never commemorated after his demise.
We should add to this condemnations of philosophers to death, especially in the ages of Nero and Domitian.
Mons Claudianus is in fact a multi-component site with three major areas: a hydreuma or watering station founded in the Neronian era, a fortification and associated nearby buildings established under the reign of Domitian, and finally, another fortification 10 km to the southeast of the main site at a location known as Barud.
To humiliate the Jews even further, Domitian decreed that a single Jew was worth only one obolos, a small coin of little value.
She traces the development of the community from its origins to the reign of Domitian, and surveys the archaeological and epigraphic evidence.
This was the mythical founding place of Rome - where Romulus and Remus were brought after being found among the wolves - and a succession of emperors built their homes here, including Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula and Domitian.
The Book of Revelation was written in the mid-nineties of the first century under the imperial oppressions of Emperor Domitian.