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American breed of chicken having barred grey plumage raised for meat and brown eggs


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Both Dominiques and Barred Rocks have clean yellow legs and yellow skin.
Dominiques are considered a rare breed and not every hatchery will carry them.
Despite its rarity today, several strains of Dominiques continue to exist.
I kept the best looking cockerel (a difficult choice, since they were all handsome), his four lady hatchmates, and about a dozen hens of varying ages from other strains of Dominiques that I had on hand.
Whenever I open the door to the hen house, I have to step aside because my liberated Dominiques charge from their coop like school children being dismissed from the classroom on a sunny spring day.
When you choose to raise Dominiques, you are making a significant contribution in preserving a rare and endangered breed that played an important role in our agricultural heritage.
An article I located in a reprint of the May, 1870 Agriculturalist, a popular farm magazine during the last century, gives this precise and insightful description of the Dominique.