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Under his leadership, the Board of Audit first recommended the use of net debt for the Province of Canada, and it was Langton who later reintroduced it in the prefix to the public accounts for the Dominion of Canada.
In 1948, two referendums brought it into the Dominion of Canada.
While most of the British politicians and people have paid little attention to the creation of the Dominion of Canada, Lord Carnarvon has been closely involved.
The government of the Dominion of Canada was using every tactic in its arsenal to entice Native leaders to sign treaties and choose land on which to create reserves.
Visitors will also have the opportunity to meet the team from Locomotion who restored the A4 Locomotive Dominion of Canada.
says it will acquire The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company from E-L Financial Corp.
33) Dominion of Canada, Annual Report of the Department of Indian Affairs for the Year Ended 31st December 1892 (http://www.
Halifax was the hub of the Dominion of Canada at the time and the port was packed with wartime shipping.
Top Canada P/C Insurers Direct Premiums Written 2003 (C$ billions) ING Ins Co of Canada [85758] Aviva Ins Co of Canada [85748] Co-operators Gen Ins Co [85735] Wawanesa Mutual Ins Co [85802] Dominion of Canada Gen Ins Co [85739] State Farm Mutual Auto Ins CAB [87096] Economical Mutual Ins Co [85741] Royal & Sun Alliance Ins Co of Canada [85785] Amer Home Assur Co CAB [86121] Zurich Ins Co CAB [85148] Note: Table made from bar graph.
It was this need that led, in 1868, to the formation of the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association.
One hundred years earlier, at the very dawn of the Dominion of Canada, her predecessor Queen Victoria approved a medal which has the appearance of being the first honour of the Dominion of Canada: the 1867 Confederation Medal.
It is just past midnight on Monday, 1 July 1867, and the Dominion of Canada has been born.
TORONTO -- The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company (The Dominion) and CGI Group Inc.
This exciting and controversial decade saw the religious disputes and upheavals among Ukrainian immigrants boil over and come to a head, with the resulting emergence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Saskatoon, and the appointment and installation of Bishop Nicetas Budka as the first Ukrainian Catholic bishop for the entire Dominion of Canada, with his eparchy established in Winnipeg.
Anniversaries: 1977: Virginia Wade won the women's singles in Wimbledon's centenary year; 1967: BBC 2 began colour television in Britain; 1961: Birth of Diana, Princesss of Wales; 1939: First conscripts in Britain called up; 1937: The pioneering Dial 999 system for emergency services started in Britain; 1903: Birth of aviator Amy Johnson; 1867: Dominion of Canada established.
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