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Table 83: Canadian Sports and Fitness Clothing Market (2008 and 2009): Major Import Sources of Women's/GirlsSwimwear - Knitted - Textile NES by Country- China, US,India, France, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Brazil, DominicanRepublic, Japan and Others (includes correspondingGraph/Chart) III-78
Table 20: Natural Bitumen and Asphalt; Asphaltites andAsphaltic Rocks Market in the US (2008 & 2009): Imports inUS$ Thousand by Country - Canada, Chile, Mexico, DominicanRepublic, Togo and Others (includes correspondingGraph/Chart) III-8Focus on End Use Segments III-8Highways III-8Roofing Industry - An Overview III-9Asphalt in Roofing Industry III-9B.
Table 24: US Beer Market (2010):Percentage Breakdown of ValueImports by Country of Origin - Mexico, Netherlands, Canada,Belgium, Germany, Ireland, UK, Jamaica, Italy, DominicanRepublic and Others 73
UNITED STATES 33Market Overview 33Impact of Recession 33Specialty Fabrics Segment 34Textile Plants & Employment Opportunities 34Textile Machinery Market in the US 35US Trade of Textiles and Apparel 35Exports Scenario 35Table 20: Textile and Apparel Exports in the US (2009-2010):Percentage Share Breakdown of Export Value by DestinationCountry for Canada, Mexico, Honduras, China, DominicanRepublic, Japan, El Salvador, UK, and Others 36