Dominican peso

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the basic unit of money in the Dominican Republic

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Already, the government has obtained the appreciation of the Dominican peso due to the reduction in the dollar's prime rate, and has been sustained until recently in a range of 27 to 29 points.
The industrial sector will be the first to recover as exporters capitalize on increased cost competitiveness in foreign markets resulting from devaluation of the Dominican peso.
According to sources in the industrial park, the shut downs are due to high costs, especially electricity, and the appreciation of the Dominican peso against the US dollar.
A year ago the free-falling Dominican peso was thrusting many families into deeper poverty, driving up the prices of everything from rice to light bulbs.
When it was hit by the abrupt devaluation of the Dominican peso, however, the company found itself unable to pay its suppliers.
Current President Mejia's popularity has waned during the past year as the Dominican peso lost more than half its value against the U.
When work on the project resumed, The Canam Manac Group refused to continue because of the low profit margin resulting from the increased value of the Canadian dollar and the devaluation of the Dominican peso.
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