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a Roman Catholic order of mendicant preachers founded in the 13th century

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He includes an article on Father Hugh Fenning's valuable study of the Dominican order in eighteenth-century Ireland "to draw attention.
Pope Honorius III understood that the development of the Dominican Order proceeded from a grace that Dominic and, through his mediation, the first Dominicans had received from God.
Ces donnees sont bien sur connues, mais contrairement a d'autres qui ont extrapole, a partir des quelques cas attestes, sur des annees ou les sources manquent, Vose prefere rester prudent, li presente le cas de Raimond Martini, <<a unique character, both among friars of the Crown of Aragon and in the history of the Dominican Order generally>> (p.
The Dominican order has refused to comment on the reasons behind her departure and the Archbishop of Toledo when approached said it was "an internal matter".
The authors are Geraldine Chatelard, a social historian, anthropologist, Arabist and a research fellow at the French institute for the Near East in Amman; and Father Jean-Michel de Tarragon, member of the Dominican Order and curator of the photographic archive of the EBAFJ,.
Amidst intense papal-imperial power struggles in northern-Italian cities, Peter's career was deeply conditioned by the burgeoning papal offensive against Catharism (often enmeshed with Ghibelline politics), and by the supportive role the young Dominican Order developed in it.
But these words came from Fr Timothy Radcliffe, a Catholic priest once Master of the Dominican Order, known for his learning, for his authorship, his journalism - and for his hobby of hitch-hiking round the world.
He probably wrote it, says Resnick, in Cologne, where he had been sent by his Dominican order along with his student Thomas Aquinas.
One of the attacks hit the St Theresa Convent of Dominican Nuns in the western Mosul Jadida (New Mosul) district, the chief representative of the Dominican order in Iraq, Father Yousif Thomas Mirkis, said.
One of the attacks hit the Saint Theresa Convent of Dominican nuns in the western Jadida (New Mosul) district, Father Yousif Thomas Mirkis, the chief representative of the Dominican order in Iraq, said.
Ask a favor of the Dominican Order sister at Providence Health & Services and you shall receive.
Although it was a relatively small community located outside center of Renaissance culture, San Domenico's impact on the women of the Dominican Order was undeniable.
He bought the friary, which was established by the Dominican Order or Black Friars in the 13th century, with the aim of setting up a grammar school.
The author is keen to set Savonarola's career against the history and politics not just of Florence and Italy, but of the Dominican order and the Church.
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