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a Roman Catholic order of mendicant preachers founded in the 13th century

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Yet in the chaotic situation that followed Henry III's assassination by a Dominican monk, Henry IV groped toward the new (and Bodinian) idea that sovereign authority never dies and passes on at the instant a monarch's life ends.
The collection included a Rubens portrait of a Dominican Monk and his Venus Supplicating Jupiter.
Father Paul DuPriest, a Dominican monk who is pastor of a chapel he established in Santo Domingo, will share spiritual insights, including information on St.
Also filmed on-site in Florence and Rome, the second video introduces the viewer to a number of works by the Dominican monk Fra Giovanni, who was dubbed "the angelic painter"--Fra Angelico.
It would have been nice to read Consolmagno's take on the life of this 16th-century Dominican monk and philosopher who was a contemporary of Galileo.
The Dominican monk, Vicente Ferrer, emerges as the primary agent of conversions during the watershed decade of the 1410s.
Swiss writer and Dominican monk whose collection of fables in verse was the first book to be printed in the German language (Bamberg, 1461).
In the 15th century the religious zealot Girolamo Savonarola, a Dominican monk, was burned at the stake in the shadow of Ferrara's cathedral, and five centuries later, during the World War II Nazi occupation, numerous leading Ferrarese were martyred by machine gun.
Suggestions include the club copying the black and white religious garments of an early supporter - Dominican monk, Father Dalmatius Houtmann.
In 1483 the Pope appointed Dominican monk Tomas de Torquemada as the first head of a new body.
David Arbuthnot, trainer of Dominican Monk "He's had his problems but seems right at the moment.
These include 'Luther's Pact with the Devil' (1535), the title page of a book by the Dominican monk Petrus Sylvius which shows Luther shaking hands with Lucifer; 'The Seven Headed Martin Luther' (1529) from a book of the same name by Johannes Cochlaeus (the heads include Fanatic and Barrabas); and 'Luther and Catherine van Bura' (not dated), which shows Luther as a peddler carrying the pope's triple crown as a begging bowl or drinking cup while he pushes his huge belly, together with the heads and books of his followers in a wheelbarrow.
Dominican Monk looked a danger as they rounded the home turn but Cossack Dancer found plenty to stamp his authority on the race.
The five stolen paintings are Rubens' Portrait of Dominican Monk and Venus Supplicating Jupiter; Wilem Van Der Velde's The Calm Sea; The Adoration of the Shepherd by Adrien Van Ostade and The Corn Field by Jacob Van Ruisdael.
Dominican monk to speak: Father Paul DuPriest will present a nondenominational discussion of spiritual insights from 9:15 a.
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