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a Roman Catholic order of mendicant preachers founded in the 13th century

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And there was plenty of time for youngsters to practice their swordskills too, as they learned about military tactics through the ages, alongside the Dominican friars and the food they ate.
Mark Dowd, campaign strategist at Operation Noah, the Christian group campaigning against climate change, who is gay and a former Dominican friar, said the Pope's remarks were "understandable but misguided and unfortunate".
Little more than the first of his three-part, fifty-book history was published at the time, largely due to the opposition of the Dominican friar Bartolome de Las Casas, who contested Oviedo's support of the encomienda system, and it was not until 1851-55 that Jose Amador de los Rios published an imperfect edition of the entire history.
Left with only his son, Carlos, Orosco becomes a Spanish Dominican friar, working among the native people of the jungle.
If he does, the mounting speculation is that Abbot Hugh Gilbert, of Pluscarden Abbey in Scotland, or Fr Aidan Nichols, a Dominican Friar, are also in the running.
de Cessolis was a Dominican friar in the Lombard region of Italy who gave a remarkable sermon (Liber de moribus hominum et officiis nobilium--Book of the Manners of Men and the Offices of the Nobility) that became better known to subsequent generations as "The Book Of Chess" and provided readers with a primer on the use of chess as a metaphor for the game of live, ending only in the 'checkmate' of the reader's death.
Girolamo Savonarola was a Dominican friar who never held public office in the Republic yet who dominated the city-state for several years after the expulsion of the Medici in 1494.
DUPER-Deluxe-Tippy-Top-Secret Arch-Terrorist-List, which contains the names of a white-haired great-grandmother of Scandinavian descent, a redheaded 9-year-old girl, two of Snow White's seven dwarves, a Dominican friar and the GEICO gecko.
Fra Angelico's given name was Guido; the addition of the prefix "Fra" occurred when the painter became a Dominican friar, known as Fra Giovanni, in the early 1420s.
CNN said Father Conrad Hejno, a Dominican friar and Polish priest close to the pope, told Polish TVN television, ''This is not a terminal illness.
The translator informs us in his prologue that the work had originally been compiled by the thirteenth-century Portuguese Dominican friar, Gil de Santarem, and he says of Gil that:
He freed his native slaves and returned to Europe where he became a Dominican friar.
Working in collaboration with the Dominican friar Petrus Castellanus, who acted as editor and compiler, Petrucci produced a volume entitled Harmonice Musices Odhecaton A, which contained ninety-six polyphonic works (mostly chansons) by a variety of popular composers, including Alexander Agricola, Antoine Busnoys, and Jacob Obrecht.
Catholicism, he was told by an affable Dominican friar, was not incompatible with leftist politics.
Also on the trail is Bernard de Taillebourg, Frenchman, Dominican friar, and Inquisitor in search of heretics he can torture into confessions of wrongdoings before he consigns them to the most horrendous death.
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