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With more than 29,000 square miles, the Dominican Republic offers a huge variety of attractions, including nature parks, world-class beaches, cave and rapids adventures, world-class golf, water sports, a varied nightlife, the most exquisite gastronomy and handicrafts, centuries-old cultural and historic attractions and international festivals and carnivals for all tastes.
Since its inception, the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival has presented internationally renowned Latin Grammy and GRAMMY Award winning musicians such as Ignacio Berroa, Joe Lovano, Chuck Mangione, Ray Baretto, Nestor Torres, Chucho Valdes, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez and Arturo Sandoval among many other talents.
There were 10,519 HNWIs in the Dominican Republic in 2013.
It is said that it was Cuban immigrants, fleeing their country's ten-year war, who spread the game throughout the Caribbean, including the Dominican Republic.
Since most of the Dominican Republic's economic activity is carried out with the United States, the effects of the Latin American crisis have not been felt in the Dominican Republic.
The full network roll-out will include providing coverage to the dense residential and business districts of all major cities in the Dominican Republic (representing 59% of the urban population (1,170,000 homes passed)).
Now the Dominican Republic is looking for similar types of projects that will be made available for international investment.
The IIPA complaint against the Dominican Republic calls a pending copyright bill "a vast improvement over the current 1986 law" and says it will boost copyright protection for computer software, videos, television programming, sound recordings, music and books.
The Dominican Republic, which shares an island in the Caribbean with Haiti, would fit comfortably inside the borders of West Virginia.
Macleod stated: "Gemedica has a substantial and highly effective marketing and sales presence in the medical device distribution sector in the Dominican Republic and Latin America.
Pedro Martinez of the Dominican Republic won last year's Cy Young award for his outstanding pitching, while Puerto Rican Carlos Beltr[acute{a}]n took the Rookie of the Year title.
Hortense made its second direct hit of the day later Tuesday, striking the northeast tip of the Dominican Republic.
SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic -- Business leaders from the western hemisphere gathered in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for the fifth annual OAS Business Roundtable sponsored by the Inter-American Economic Council.
International Cap Cana Billfish Shootout returns to Dominican Republic
Tourists have long favored the Dominican Republic, but now it also draws business
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