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a Roman Catholic friar wearing the black mantle of the Dominican order

a native or inhabitant of the Dominican Republic

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Arturo Bernal, director of the Dominican Historical Institute, said the order planned to publish by early next year the nearly 30 papers given at the meeting as well as a transcript of the discussions.
Victor Cornelio, Dominican Republic; Juan Coronado, United States; Gladys Coronado, United States;
On cold, gray Bronx mornings, I often ache for the warm riot of colors of my Dominican Republic: miles of brilliant, blue-green ocean, fiery oranges and vivid greens in open-air markets, pastels brightening both glorious and hauntingly dilapidated houses.
Migration between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, however, tends to flow in one direction: from Haiti to the Dominican Republic.
Michigan State University professor, urban forester, tropical forester, legislative understudy, fundraising apprentice, AFA's liaison, and treeplanting guru in the Dominican Republic.
MIAMI -- VOXXI, the premier site for independent analysis and commentary with a Hispanic focus, announced today that it will be the exclusive media partner for the Dominican American National Roundtable's (DANR) 15th Annual National Leadership Summit from July 26th - July 28th and The Dominican American National Council (NDAC).
We were pleased to host the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival on the north coast of the island once again and celebrate its 19[sup.
Fifteen films were produced in the Dominican Republic in 2012, a sizeable figure considering that, from 1923, when the first Dominican film was produced, to 2010, 57 local films and 72 foreign films were produced on Dominican soil.
The selected squares depict Haitians as Sambo-looking caricatures and the Dominican people as devoid of any African phonotypical features.
Summary: Punta Cana (Dominican) - HM King Mohammed VI sent a written message to Dominican President Leonel Fernandez.
McGonigle (director of the Center for Catholic and Dominican Studies) and Phyllis Zagano (teacher for the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Hofstra University), The Dominican Tradition: Spirituality in History is a history of the spiritual contributions and legacy of great preachers of the Dominican tradition, from Saint Dominic (1171-1221) himself to Thomas Aquinas, Bartolome de Las Casas, to modern-day spiritual thinker and seeker Timothy Radcliffe.
Equity acquisition and development financing of AtlanticA, Dominican Republic--The capital will be used to provide hospitality advisory services for the development of an upscale resort in the Dominican Republic.
Some 800,000 people of Haitian nationality live in the Dominican Republic.
That's why Rios, who has lived in the Antelope Valley for nearly 20 years, recently launched USDR International Import/Export to import cigars, coffee, spices, and gift items from the Dominican Republic.
This year is the tenth anniversary of La Escuelita (the little school) in the shanty town of Palmarejo, in the capital of the Dominican Republic.
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