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Synonyms for Domino

United States rhythm and blues pianist and singer and composer (born in 1928)

a loose hooded cloak worn with a half mask as part of a masquerade costume

a mask covering the upper part of the face but with holes for the eyes

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a small rectangular block used in playing the game of dominoes

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Bouquet of the week winner Alma Magill, second from left, with Domini Tansey, Tracey Courtman and Caroline Atkinson
As designers and manufacturers of ceramic home decor items, Gill and Domini say the toughest challenges they face is around quality control, cultural differences from working in a foreign country, and the vigilance needed to protect their intellectual property (IP).
The purpose of the volume is to respond to Pope Benedict XVI's 2010 apostolic exhortation, Verbum Domini (VD), seeking to explore the implications of this magisterial document for Scripture scholars working at Catholic seminaries.
Robert Godfrey (professor of church history, Westminster Seminary, California) presents A Survey of Church History, Part 4 Anno Domini 1600-1800, the fourth DVD in a series about the many changes that the Christian Church has gone through since the time of Jesus Christ.
They do it at a small range of distances," Domini said.
Domini said she has nearly completed chemotherapy but finds it horrible how useless the treatment makes her.
Benedict will live in the remodeled Mater Ecclesiae Monastery with Archbishop Georg Ganswein, his secretary, who also serves Francis as prefect of the papal household; and with four laywomen who are consecrated members of the Memores Domini group, Lombardi said.
Whereas the oldest Prague copy of the Missa Nativitatis Domini features the festive sound of the clarinas, the Missa charitatis employs horns, as is the case of the Berlin copy of the Missa Nativitatis.
Amy Domini, founder and CEO of Domini Social Investments, is one such financial expert who sees a chance to make progress out of chaos.
Entitled Verbum Domini, it was dedicated to telling the story of the Bible amid a mounting wave of anti-Christian secularization.
Acogiendo la invitacion que hace la exhortacion apostolica Verbum Domini de acercar la Sagrada Escritura a los ambitos academicos y pastorales, Ia nueva Asociacion Biblica Chilena se reconoce como "un servicio a la Iglesia en su mision de acompanar las preguntas del hombre moderno".
END OF AN ERA: British Christians were incensed after the state-funded BBC decided to replace "BC" (Before Christ) and "AD" (Anno Domini, or Year of the Lord) with the more neutral terms "BCE" (Before Common Era) and "CE" (Common Era) in its broadcasts.
Some of the leaders in this space besides Winslow include Green Century, Calvert, Domini, Pax World and Portfolio 21.
I was fortunate recently to spend an hour by telephone with Amy Domini, founder of both the eponymous Domini 400 Social Index and Domini Social Investments (the investment advisor for the four investment vehicles in the Domini family--Domini Social Equity Fund (DSEFX), Domini International Equity Fund (DOMIX), Domini Social Bond Fund (DSBFX), and Domini Money Market Account, and author (with Peter Kinder) in 1984 of one of the first books on the subject, Ethical Investing, and asked her to explain what it means to approach investing with social and environmental values in mind.