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a Roman Catholic friar wearing the black mantle of the Dominican order

a native or inhabitant of the Dominican Republic

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Made from the purest, most ethically sourced cocoa from the small town in the Domincan Republic from which it derives its name, San Cristobel was awarded a prestigious Gold Star at this year's Great Taste Awards, which are widely regarded as the foodie Oscars.
Olivirpool, on the occasion of his country's national day, wishing him and teh Domincan lasting prosperity.
He also represents the 28th player from the Domincan Summer League suspended this season.
Other Martinique rums like Clement, and other high-end rums including Nicaragua's Flor de Cana, the Domincan Republic's Matusalem, Venezuela's Ron Diplomatico and others, have focused their marketing and promotion attentions primarily on building word of mouth with bartenders and on-premise accounts.
2) Sony Ericsson Number One Countries in 2009: Austria, Denmark, Domincan Republic, Germany, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, UK
Both were no more than journeymen on the main tour but Wiebe won first time out in the over-50s last year at 66-1 and added to his laurels at Cap Cana on the tour's first venture to the Domincan Republic at the end of March.
Charles Hemy, who spent time at Ushaw College seminary in County Durham and a Domincan house in Newcastle as he considered becoming a Catholic priest, also lived in North Shields and Gateshead.
Favored by tasters were the Ghana, Domincan Republic and Kalimantan chocolate flavors along with the vanilla.
Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the star names alongside Freddie Ljungberg and Michael Owen who shares his views with former Domincan friar Mark Dowd on whether or not football can be classed as a new religion in Hallowed Be Thy Game (Sunday, Channel 4, 8pm).
Writing in the 13th century, the Domincan Raymund of Penaforte summarizes, "Hence even an abbess, however learned, holy or religious, is not able to preach, nor to bless, nor to excommunicate, nor to absolve, nor to give penance, nor to judge, nor to exercise the office of any order.
Major distributors in the Domincan Republic sought help managing the credit and collections process from local banks.
Dalsan is interested in becoming a distributor, agent, or joint venture partner to develop these opportunities in the Domincan Republic.
A citizen of the Domincan Republic was convicted Friday, May 10, 2002, in federal court of illegally re- entering the country after having been deported in 1996.
Superior Sister Helen Mary, Region Prioress of the Domincan Order said she and other nuns were initially impressed by the Community.