dominant allele

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an allele that produces the same phenotype whether its paired allele is identical or different


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Then Proposition 2 follows from the well-known results about stochastic dominance relationships and the fact that [?
The experimental design called for 2 test series: first when the males of a pair were unfamiliar with each other (naive) and, second, after they had established a dominance relationship.
In order to characterize an increase in risk in terms of a stochastic dominance relationship we follow Hadar and Russell [3].
Dominance relationships between sows dependent on the time interval between separation and reunion.
The birds we observed were not individually marked, and it is possible that pre-existing dominance relationships among a small number of individuals could have influenced the overall patterns we observed.
An intricate network of deferential and dominance relationships, tempered by the possibility of modest advances in status, corresponded well to the finely measured nuances of achievement implied by the rhetoric of capacity.