rock pigeon

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pale grey Eurasian pigeon having black-striped wings from which most domestic species are descended

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The research identified the genes contributing to variation in the avian head crest, using the domesticated pigeons that so fascinated and inspired Charles Darwin in developing his theory of natural selection," said George Gilchrist, program director in the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Division of Environmental Biology, which funded the research.
The role of domestic geese as a WN virus reservoir in the Israel outbreak is unknown, but goose infection rates in the Sindbis District of the northern Nile Valley were 27%, similar to rates in buffed-back herons (Bubulcus ibis ibis), doves (Streptopelia senegalensis senegalensis), and domesticated pigeons (Columbia livia) and twice the rate in domesticated chickens and ducks (Anus platyrhynchos), suggesting that geese may have a role in local WN virus ecology (7).
It includes a fenced area for chickens and a flock of domesticated pigeons.
Darwin's primary evidence for The Origin of Species included observations of domesticated pigeons and other species, and even Mendel worked with garden peas.