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a turbine that is driven by the wind

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Before he moved onward and upward, David Cameron had one on his London home and you can too, but domestic wind turbines aren't a practical way of generating electricity for many of us.
FORWARD THINKING: Fitting solar panels to the roof of a house or adding a domestic wind turbine are big changes but will pay off by generating power for everyday domestic appliances
Lisa White, a Family Housing spokeswoman, said: "We are currently evaluating the efficiency of domestic wind turbines and the suitability of homes in the Summerfield neighbourhood for the fitting of the turbines.
I WANT to fit a domestic wind turbine to my house and I've discovered it will work best if it goes above the roofline, but my local authority insists that I apply for planning permission.
The first domestic wind turbine has been put up in Birmingham on one of the city's first eco-friendly homes.
Chapter Five Domestic Wind turbine Pitch systems Key Manufacturers
In the light of that it seems hard to imagine why an application for anything other than a small domestic wind turbine would be passed in the local area.
With a domestic wind turbine in operation, you could be saving the average cost of household electricity at around 11p per unit.
HE may be a staunch objector to large wind farms, but TV's most famous environmental campaigner David Bellamy was singing the praises of the first home in Birmingham to have a domestic wind turbine.
Intermediate Technology, based in Rugby, has helped develop a domestic wind turbine which people in remote areas can use to power their homes.
Statistics 29 foreign and domestic Wind Turbine manufacturers Wind Turbine production(750KW 850KW 1.
Planning permission often isn''t required for a domestic wind turbine, but check with your local council first because there will be exceptions.
They will also visit a similar domestic wind turbine erected in the Haydon Bridge area to examine the likely noise impacts.
SIR - Martyn Shrewsbury says we can have a domestic wind turbine for a cost of pounds 500 per kW installed (Letters, October 11).
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