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a person (not necessarily a spouse) with whom you cohabit and share a long-term sexual relationship

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Douglas County then undermined its own claim that Slater's processing of domestic partnerships was crucial to clerk's office operations, Pocock said, by not filling her position after firing her.
A domestic partnership registry is a no-cost way for us to tell major employers looking to expand or relocate that we are serious about providing a highly motivated work force.
Robert Reid formed a domestic partnership in Lane County in February with his partner of 31 years.
Other cities followed, and these registries proved invaluable when non-civil service unions began to bargain for domestic partnership benefits.
In our case remaining unmarried, but bound together in a domestic partnership is our only means of financial survival.
Domestic partnership benefits, or employee benefits in general, contain two different types of benefits: economic and non-economic benefits.
The California Superior Court will have jurisdiction over all proceedings to legally separate, nullify or dissolve a registered domestic partnership, including child custody.
In the case of the homosexual lobby, Bush has already shown solidarity by appointing openly homosexual men as the head of the Office of National AIDS Policy and as Ambassador to Romania, and declined to oppose an amendment approved by the House of Representatives allowing domestic partnership benefits for homosexual employees of the District of Columbia.
Some were doing work on AIDS, many were involved in the effort to end discrimination on the job, others were campaigning for domestic partnership benefits, still others were championing transgender rights.
A partnership joint venture operates much as a domestic partnership with all U.
As a legal concept, domestic partnership is designed to address the gray area occupied by couples living together with mutual, permanent commitments to one another who, for whatever reasons (including the legal inability to get married), do not marry but nevertheless believe their relationships ought to be entitled to recognition, ranging from joint library card privileges and gym memberships to tax and health insurance advantages.
Mayor Heilman also helped draft some of the City's pioneering laws including its domestic partnership ordinance; the law banning discrimination against transgendered individuals and the law banning discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS.
An earlier campaign failed when petitions to repeal the domestic partnership law were found to be 97 signatures short of the 55,085 required.
Example 7: This example illustrates the application of the special rule in which a foreign corporation acquires a domestic partnership interest rather than a domestic corporation.
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