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record of a British census and land survey in 1085-1086 ordered by William the Conqueror

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Resident engagement officer at Accent, Linzie Hough said: "The mural will take residents through a journey of history and heritage, with influences from the Domesday Book".
RESIDENTS of a hamlet dating back to the Domesday Book are protesting over a local aristocrat's plans to build a housing estate.
This comprehensive study which details the Latin language used in Britain between 540 AD and the year 1600 has been continuous for 100 years and includes more than 58,000 entries compiled from the Domesday Book, the Magna Carta and thousands of other documents.
This information was to be entered into the Domesday, or Doomsday Book.
Genealogist Debbie Kennett found that many unsual names dating back to the Domesday Book - including Pauncefoot, Puscats and Footheads - have virtually disappeared.
The Leek Wootton estate - which was mentioned in the Domesday Book - totals around 61 acres of grounds including 21 acres of woodland, tennis courts and a variety of buildings, next to The Warwickshire Golf and Country Club.
Fiona Dye, the BBC's learning project manager for the West Midlands, said the event was designed to get people to visit the corporation's Domesday Reloaded website, which recorded a snapshot of life in the UK in 1986.
The village appears in Domesday Book, suffered from the Black Death, witnessed Lollardy, the Reformation, the Civil Wars, enclosures, and expanded in the nineteenth century.
London, Feb 23 (ANI): A modern Domesday Book has revealed that in new-look Britain, strip-clubs and bookmakers will be replacing pubs and police stations.
It may well be that the government of Kenya has the very best of intentions and truly wants to slow the spread of HIV and save lives, but they might want to consider repealing that fourteen-year prison stint before embarking on their Gay Domesday Book.
English Heritage recently completed the first phase of a Domesday Book of the threatened parts of our cities, towns and the countryside entitled Heritage at Risk.
Zhitomir was a neck behind Domesday last time out and he can go well off this mark judged on his 2006 form, but this trip may stretch his stamina.
Chapters also look at the Domesday jurors, and names and ethnicity in Anglo-Norman England.
The 920-year-old Domesday Book has entered the 21st century.
THE Domesday Book has been launched on the internet.