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Synonyms for dome

arched roof


Synonyms for dome

the uppermost part of the body

Synonyms for dome

a concave shape whose distinguishing characteristic is that the concavity faces downward

informal terms for a human head

a stadium that has a roof

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In the framework of the Domar decomposition, an industry's own TFP growth times its Domar weight gives its contribution to aggregate TFP growth.
The expression that links aggregate and sectoral MFP growth (equation 2) involves the Domar weight for each sector, the ratio of the sector's gross output to aggregate value added.
Domar, who knew Edith Stein's nephew Wolfgang in Germany and was a classmate of Wolfgang's wife, mentioned the betrayal Stein's family felt at her conversion.
6) With Tornqvist aggregation, aggregate TFP growth is a weighted average of industry gross-output TFP growth, where the so-called Domar weights equal nominal industry gross output divided by aggregate value added; the weights thus sum to more than one.
This sectoral weighting scheme was initially proposed by Domar (1961) and formally justified by Hulten (1978).
Be Sensual: "Practice being mindful for a few minutes each day, and only focus on the present moment, " says Alice Domar, coauthor of Self -Nurture (Viking, pounds 14.
1995), social (Atwood & Dobkin, 1992; Cook, 1987; Edelmann & Connolly, 1996; Matthews & Matthews, 1986; Reed, 1987), and psychological stressors (Abbey, Andrews, & Halman, 1991; Brand, 1989; Daniluk, 1997; Domar, 1997; Edelmann & Connolly, 1996; Jones & Hunter, 1996; Keystone & Kaffko, 1992; Shepherd, 1992; University of North Carolina Hospitals, 1998).
Drink a toast here to Harry Roberts, to Richard Musgrave and Evsey Domar, to Irwin Friend, to Benoit Mandelbrot and Steven Ross and Eugene Fama and to the young Belgian from Toulouse, Christian Gollier, who in one banner year wrote a dozen superlative papers.
Prior to publication of the Solow and Swan papers, considerable attention had been given to a result of Harrod (1939) and Domar (1947) to the effect that in a steady state the product of the saving/output ratio and the output/capital ratio must equal the rate of growth of capacity output.
Domar was disqualified for failing to meet all of the standards of a good faith effort to recruit and use minority- and women-owned businesses.
Domar, "The Causes of Slavery or Serfdom: A Hypothesis," Journal o Economic History 30 (1970): 18-32.
In Pakistan, plans were more of an academic exercise by foreign trained economists armed with the techniques of econometric models of Harrod, Domar, Rostow and the like which had little application in a country characterised by 70 per cent rural population and illiteracy.
It is world renowned for its highly successful and innovative infertility treatments, highest quality service, state-of-the-art methods, ongoing scientific research, and on-site complementary healthcare at its Domar Center.
Robert wrote his dissertation while at Harvard's Russian Research Center (1965-1968), during its peak of activity that centered around the Wednesday lunch presentations attended by such notables as Abram Bergson, Evsey Domar, Frank Holzman, Joseph Berliner, Marshall Goldman, Gur Ofer, and assorted distinguished visitors.