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a generic name for digital lines that are provided by telephone companies to their local subscribers and that carry data at high speeds

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Por el contrario, los Lenguajes Especificos de Dominio (LED) o Domain-Specific Language (DSL) son construidos de modo que el usuario del lenguaje especifique el comportamiento que desea en terminos del dominio (contexto) del problema, eliminando, en la medida de lo posible, aquellos caracteres (como puntos y comas, definicion de tipos de datos o definicion de variables) que no son parte fundamental del dominio, de modo que el lenguaje fluya por medio de expresiones naturales propias del dominio sin presentar ambiguedad en sus terminos y ofreciendo la expresividad necesaria que permita el modelado del problema por parte de un usuario que conozca del dominio del problema pero que no sea necesariamente un programador.
Eclipse Modeling Project: A Domain-specific Language Toolkit: A Domain-Specific Language (DSL) Toolkit.
For the construction of the domain-specific language models, we got 9231 written medical reports from the Department of Nuclear Medicine of the University of Szeged.
reducing the cost and compiler expertise required to produce a domain-specific language and product line;
Eclipse modeling project; a domain-specific language toolkit.
Models are described graphically in standard unified modeling language (UML) or with the CoFluent domain-specific language (DSL).
The first is that the implementation language is extended in domain-specific ways, and the second is that a completely separate domain-specific language is constructed for the purposes of developing the target application.
Other topics include predictable serialization in Java, domain-specific language design using UML, task scheduling with value control to predict timing faults, and an evaluation of EJB implementation methods.
With each design technique, you will discover how Rails incorporates it into its domain-specific language, and you will learn how to weave it seamlessly into your own Rails applications.
The tools deliver greatly enhanced SDR developer productivity -- in terms of both time and code quality -- through advanced model driven development and domain-specific language technology.
The application incorporates a custom-built domain-specific language that enables users to specify the distribution of content according to a large set of parameters.
SDR developer productivity is greatly enhanced - in terms of both time and code quality - through the advanced model-driven development and domain-specific language technology incorporated in Spectra Tools: unnecessary complexity is eliminated, code correctness and robustness is ensured and overhead is minimized.
One of the primary tasks of the new lab will be building reusable modules by using domain-specific language and model-driven development.
In DSP design, MATLAB is the domain-specific language of choice because of its unique verification and visualization environment," said Bohm.
o Domain-specific Language Models Enhance Performance-- DragonLaw contains semantic and syntactic information for each vocabulary word or phrase.
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