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a generic name for digital lines that are provided by telephone companies to their local subscribers and that carry data at high speeds

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For the construction of the domain-specific language models, we got 9231 written medical reports from the Department of Nuclear Medicine of the University of Szeged.
announced their intent to use the new technology to deliver domain-specific language designers for their respective vertical or horizontal domains.
The tools deliver greatly enhanced SDR developer productivity -- in terms of both time and code quality -- through advanced model driven development and domain-specific language technology.
The application incorporates a custom-built domain-specific language that enables users to specify the distribution of content according to a large set of parameters.
SDR developer productivity is greatly enhanced - in terms of both time and code quality - through the advanced model-driven development and domain-specific language technology incorporated in Spectra Tools: unnecessary complexity is eliminated, code correctness and robustness is ensured and overhead is minimized.
One of the primary tasks of the new lab will be building reusable modules by using domain-specific language and model-driven development.
In DSP design, MATLAB is the domain-specific language of choice because of its unique verification and visualization environment," said Bohm.
o Domain-specific Language Models Enhance Performance-- DragonLaw contains semantic and syntactic information for each vocabulary word or phrase.
A research group led by Jonathan Aldrich, associate professor in the Institute for Software Research (ISR), is developing a programming language called Wyvern that makes it possible to construct programs using a variety of targeted, domain-specific languages, such as SQL for querying databases or HTML for constructing Web pages, as sublanguages, rather than writing the entire program using a general purpose language.
Notable design patterns for domain-specific languages, Journal of Systems and Software, Vol.
This is implemented in the mbeddr IDE - a revolutionary approach for embedded software development based on C, domain-specific languages and formal verification.
Expert commentaries, short communications, and research and review studies consider such topics as heterogeneity as a cornerstone of software development in robotics, embedding domain-specific languages in general-purpose programming languages, designing molecular visualization educational software for learning chemistry, software components for large-scale super and grid computing applications, and debugging concurrent programs using metaheuristics.
ECLIPSE MODELING PROJECT: ACHIEVE BREAKTHROUGH PRODUCTIVITY AND QUALITY WITH MDD AND ECLIPSE-BASED DSLS is for any Java programming library strong in domain-specific languages and software engineering guides.
SOFTWARE LANGUAGE ENGINEERING: CREATING DOMAIN-SPECIFIC LANGUAGES USING METAMODELS is written by a DSL consultant and is the first in-depth guide to DSL design, covering language specification, concepts, DSL components and modeling, and much more.
On the other side, model-driven software development is closing the gap among business requirements, designs and executables by using domain-specific languages with custom-built syntax and semantics.
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