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everything stated or assumed in a given discussion

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Problem-solving discussion is the initial domain of discourse for this study.
We use common ontologies to describe ontological commitments for a set of agents so that they can communicate about a domain of discourse without necessarily operating on a globally shared theory.
The picture painted above does, I believe, make for a more complete and more realistic view of the complex domain of discourse anaphora than the (necessarily) programmatic account given by Dik (1997b) in chapter 10.
Some general arguments for the view that cognitivism about a domain of discourse imposes realism about it are considered and rejected.
Thus a variant of (3A), in this particular case I like it a lot, is present (evoked and explicitly mentioned) in the domain of discourse as a variant of enamoured of The discourse function of the contrastive sentence (3B) then is to expel the phrase enamoured of from the DD and to introduce like instead.