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everything stated or assumed in a given discussion

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First, U={1, 2, 3, 4,5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14} was ordered as the studied object, namely, the domain of discourse, the set of the 14 SMEs.
Then, the domain of discourse was indistinguishably partitioned according to decision index and condition index.
For this reason, I viewed the 25 articles as representing a strong sample of the most current domain of discourse within the field of community service learning.
We aim at moving beyond the data model, and to do so one has to analyze the domain of discourse (or several similar domains) to identify basic business roles and how they affect data modeling.
In the general area of data integration, using a full-fledged ontology that is manually crafted to represent a domain of discourse with clear semantics and detached from a specific application is a rare privilege.
This form occurs when the discourse practices of one domain are used to create texts in the form of a genre associated with another domain of discourse.
The source of the conflict can be located in the domain of discourse used for the noun phrase "All of the red ones" in Tommy's utterance: for Tommy, this domain consists of the marbles in his room; for Suzy, it consists of the marbles in her room.
Thus a variant of (3A), in this particular case I like it a lot, is present (evoked and explicitly mentioned) in the domain of discourse as a variant of enamoured of The discourse function of the contrastive sentence (3B) then is to expel the phrase enamoured of from the DD and to introduce like instead.
First, it is important to see that, since the opposing claims of science and religion refer to the same world, they do share a domain of discourse.
If van Deemter were pressed to identify the unique domain of discourse pertaining to a conversation, the best he could do would be to say that a unique domain exists only when the domains associated with the interlocutors' several modes of interpretation coincide and that in that case it is just the one domain associated with every interlocutor's mode.
Transposing the Platonic dialectics of the Cave Allegory into the domain of discourse, Denys the Areopagite (= pseudo-Denys = pseudo-Dionysius) bequeathed to a mystical theology based on the central metaphors of these sources a set of terms that largely controls discussion of the issues.
The domain of discourse is the shipment of commodity by rail:
The proposition expressed by an utterance of a quantified sentence depends on a domain of discourse somehow determined by the context.
We need abstract knowledge to get an overview of a domain of discourse and we need concrete experience in order to understand the abstract knowledge.
The underlying notion behind NLU semantic models is that meaning can be derived from models of the domain of discourse rather than exhaustive enumeration of word sequences.