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Domain knowledge is defined as the knowledge of the area to which a set of theoretical concepts is applied and is fundamental to all disciplines (Alexander, 1992).
And domain knowledge ontologies are used to compute semantic matches between service advertisements and service requests according to a matchmaking algorithm extended from the algorithm put forward by Massimo Paolucci et al [4].
When adult ESL students read novels written for adolescents, they are able to acquire academic vocabulary and important domain knowledge.
ProCarta represents the convergence of process mapping with knowledge management and on-line training" said Graham Westwood, President of Domain Knowledge.
Domain Knowledge Manager (DKM): The DKM provides the capability to discover, capture and manage domain knowledge represented by the Business Map.
Lavastorm's leading software product and extensive domain knowledge in this area, with deep carrier experience throughout its management team, makes Lavastorm an ideal partner to help address this problem.
Richard possesses a passion for the hunt and extensive domain knowledge in our areas of technology focus.
The goal of the project is to combine specialized domain knowledge with common sense knowledge to create a reasoning system that learns as well as a person and can be applied to a variety of complex tasks.
The company helps clients optimize performance and time-to-market, delivering superior value by integrating world-class functional and technology expertise with deep domain knowledge and global operations excellence.
Enzen aims to increase operational and financial efficiencies across Energy and Utility enterprises by leveraging an optimal mix of deep domain knowledge, expertise in Solution Architecture with Strong Programme Management Capabilities.
This experience, coupled with Ron's power systems domain knowledge, will speed the delivery of tailored, innovative standard products.
At $305 million, Halifax II has been positioned to take advantage of the inefficiencies in the small buyout market -- especially in our target sectors where we have the advantage of excellent domain knowledge.
Launched in 2006, SiteParker combines patent-pending technology, search thought leadership, domain knowledge and superior monetization relationships.
It's clear that domain knowledge is not usually in the same person as the structural hardware knowledge and it is these domain experts who want to accelerate their software algorithms using FPGA-based coprocessors," said Chris Sullivan, director of strategic marketing for Celoxica.
Accenture received the Consulting Partner of the Year Award for generating the most overall revenues for SAS within this category due to its extensive industry and domain knowledge, thereby raising SAS' visibility as a BI market leader.