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a unit of pain intensity

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the federal department responsible for promoting the working conditions of wage earners in the United States

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Other centralized systems facilitate budget planning, execution, and management from the departmental level down to the individual employees in DOL agencies.
Leveraging technology, DOL was the first federal agency to fully integrate its own recruitment system with USAJOBS through an online recruiting system.
gov was presented the Government Computer News Award, which recognizes DOL and GovBenefits.
The appointment of a senior real property officer and establishment of a Real Property Working Group centralized oversight, implemented shared real property management practices and goals, and increased information sharing among DOL agencies with real property assets.
DOL emphasizes the importance of effectively communicating its goals through planning, reporting, and continuous monitoring of performance information.
Every year, DOL implements improvements to its planning and reporting processes, while at the same time satisfying PMA commitments.