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a prehistoric megalithic tomb typically having two large upright stones and a capstone

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I discover a dolmen is thought to be a burial site for community leaders, while a cromlech is a sanctuary and gathering place on the winter and summer solstice and for other ancient rituals around a grouping of elliptical stones.
In this context, we want to note that there are various dolmens that have dates suggesting recent burials (Fernandez Eraso and Mujika, 2013; Mujika, 2007-2009), which nearly coincides with the beginning of most incinerations.
By contrast, in areas of sedimentary cover, these monuments are scarce, with a few sites in the calcareous sandstone of the coastal mountains of Jaizkibel --5 dolmens and 6 cromlechs--and Mendizorrotz --5 dolmens and 3 cromlechs--, as well as in the limestone of the Aralar Mountains--more than 50 dolmens and 2 cromlechs--, Andia--6 cromlechs and 12 dolmens--and Urbasa--1 cromlech and 23 dolmens--, in addition to the possible ruined dolmens inventoried as burial mounds in the last two areas (Barrero et al, 2005).
BROWNSHILL DOLMEN Situated in the plush farmland between the Slaney and Barrow rivers, around 3km east of Carlow.
Daraa, southern Syria, (SANA)- Several dolmen tombs dating back to the 5th Millennium BC or the Stone--Copper Age (the Eneolithic Age) have been unearthed in several sites in southern Syria such as Ein Zakkar, Tsil, al-Bakkar and Jibilieh to the west of Daraa, in addition to al-Maysara, southeast Daraa.
The dolmen means "stone table" or the "holy cemeteries".
At first encounter, the variety of forms that dolmens take is bewildering.
The dolmens are believed to date from the early Iron Age, from the 11th to sixth centuries BCE, and typically are constructed of huge hewn shapes of stone placed together to form low-rise structures, which, archeologists tell us, served as tombs.
Similarly, the terms dolmens, menhirs, and cromlechs, words of Breton or Welsh origin that mean stone table, long stone, and stone circle, seem to be full of mystical content.
Cliff Osenton, from Banbury in Oxfordshire, has spent twenty-five years exploring the construction of dolmens -- the distinctive megalithic form of burial chamber consisting of three upright stones (ortholiths) surmounted by a large flat capstone that might weigh forty tonnes or more, and all originally covered with an earthen mound which in many cases now has eroded away totally.
INCHEON, South Korea -- The biggest table-type dolmens in Korea that represent the culture in the prehistoric times are scattered around in Ganghwa and civilization began thousands of years ago on the islands of various sizes in Ongjin, which are scattered all the way up to the northernmost part of the Western Sea.
Taibi a egalement rappele que pres de 300 sites archeologiques ont ete recenses a ce jour dans la wilaya d'El Tarf, dont plusieurs au parc national d'El Kala (PNEK), a l'image des dolmens, des pressoirs d'olives, des sarcophages de pierre et des steles libyques.
According to a report in the Jordan Times, the dolmens foothills of Damiyah were listed among 77 endangered sites around the world on the World Monuments Fund (WMF) annual watch list.