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Synonyms for doll

doll yourself up


  • dress up
  • get ready
  • preen
  • primp
  • gussy up
  • tart yourself up
  • deck yourself out
  • prink
  • titivate yourself
  • trick yourself out
  • put on your best bib and tucker
  • put on your glad rags

Synonyms for doll

a person regarded as physically attractive

doll up: to dress in formal or special clothing

Synonyms for doll

informal terms for a (young) woman

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We have been working closely with Virtensys to include our PCIe SSD [P320] into their appliance and plan on rolling that solution out later this year," Doller said.
Doller PC, Dietrich K, Filipp N, Brockmann S, Dreweck C, Vonthein R, Wagner-Wiening C, Wiedermann A (2002) Cyclosporiasis outbreak in Germany associated with the consumption of salad.
n' we wouldn't cheat nobody, not ef we knowed it, not out er a doller.
Mr Farmer said he was "ecstatic" with the result, and Benjamin Doller and Polly Sartori, senior directors of Sotheby's 19th century European painting department, said they were also pleased with the response.
The new government is made up of 93 ministers and assistant ministers, but Kenyans have complained that it is too bloated for a nation where 60 per cent of at least 35 million people live under a doller a day.
Benjamin Doller, director of 19th century European paintings, drawings and sculptures at Sotheby's in New York, puts it plainly: "A good thing about an art investment is that it's not just money in the bank and a balance statement to look at.
WHIPTAIL has clearly distinguished itself as a best-in-breed storage array vendor and we look forward to working together to provide customers with the fastest and most reliable solution for their performance-driven applications and IT tasks," said Ed Doller, Vice President & General Manager of Enterprise Storage at Micron.
However, only the militiamen-Rene Doller and Carl Mark Nucos-have been released by the guerrillas as of March.
Doller paints a vivid picture of an expat-teen's life in Cairo: part fascination, part fear, and a little bit of guilt.
Syncrude has reached a major milestone by passing the doller 2-billion mark in business conducted with Aboriginal-owned companies.
TOP BRANDS Doller Sales % Change Unit Volume % Change 1.
She gave special mention to Annie Attawar who collected four A grades, Rebecca Doller who got three As and a B, and Laura Nation and Angharad Williams who both scored three As.
year ago Market Doller sals Unit sales Brand Manufacturer share (add 000) (add 000) Renu Multiplus Bausch & Lomb 5.
With our combined solutions, Proximal Data and Micron are changing the face of the virtualized enterprise data center and delivering a unique new solution for maximizing virtual machine density and performance," said Ed Doller, vice president and general manager of Micron's enterprise SSD Division.