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Synonyms for doll

doll yourself up


  • dress up
  • get ready
  • preen
  • primp
  • gussy up
  • tart yourself up
  • deck yourself out
  • prink
  • titivate yourself
  • trick yourself out
  • put on your best bib and tucker
  • put on your glad rags

Synonyms for doll

a person regarded as physically attractive

doll up: to dress in formal or special clothing

Synonyms for doll

informal terms for a (young) woman

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It's not my specialty, I don't have enough time (and) I will wait for the patient to ask," were often the reasons cited by doctors, according to Dr Dolle.
The hydromulch has already withstood heavy rain, and Dolle is hopeful that the rehabilitation will hold up against further erosion.
Based on Pierre Beaumarchais' 1784 comic play "La dolle journee, ou le Mariage de Figaro," as adapted for the stage by Mozart's sometime collaborator, Italian librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte, the work was first performed in Vienna in 1786.
Last spring, faced with an overwhelming number of inquiries, John Dolle, a rental agent with Century 21 NY Metro, considered forming a team under a payment structure where he would initially take 60 percent of any commission, with the other 40 percent going to the broker who showed the apartment.
Soos in daardie lied van Brahms: "Uber mein Bett erhebt sich ein Baum"; die boom waarin, by ons weliswaar nie die nagtegale nie, maar die tarentale, die dolle tarentale, deurnag louter liefde roep
There are dozens of microbreweries dotted around the towns and villages, but one to recommend is the Dolle Brouwers (translated as the Mad Brewers) in nearby Esen.
There was also a quick visit to the Dolle Brouwers - translated as the 'mad brewers' - for a look around and a quick tasting of the various beers.
Diack said he had been notified of the positive result by Gabriel Dolle, the director of the IAAF's medical and anti-doping department.
A month later, Le Nouvel Observateur, France's leading left-wing weekly, published a lengthy article by Gerard Petitjean, (10) in which a number of other young writers were launched as "new philosophers" including Jean-Paul Dolle, Andre Glucksmann, Jean Baudrillard, Guy Hocquenhem, and Nikos Poulantzas.
This will be the case whether it's a famed, monk-brewed Trappist ale, such as Roche-fort 8 or Achel Trappist Extra, a malty masterpiece from a secular brewery such as Brasserie des Rocs Grand Cru or De Dolle Stille Nacht, or one of a growing number of domestic, Belgian-style brews such as Allagash Dubbel or Ommegang Ale.
7 billion takeover offer made "industrial sense" but Arcelor chief Guy Dolle said the firms lacked the same vision and values.
Such backing would be a major U-turn by Arcelor and could lead to the shock departure of Arcelor chief executive Guy Dolle who has vigorously opposed the Mittal offer.