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During a secondary inspection of her belongings, a stack of $100 dollar bills was found wrapped in cellophane.
The CBE allows local banks and foreign institutions to subscribe for the US dollar bills with a minimum of $100,000 and its multiples.
Cagayan De Oro City - The police have filed on Tuesday a case against a resident of Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental, for illegal possession and use of false treasury or bank notes after he was caught selling fake dollar bills here.
GBP 13-18 million and Two Dollar Bills (Back) (40 Two Dollar Bills in Green), 1962, est.
But in another Eric is seen rifling through his music mogul dad's wallet and throwing dollar bills onto the bed.
The Treasury Department shreds dirty and damaged dollar bills into confetti which is recycled into stationery, pencils, and clothing.
The report said that as the new bills begin to circulate, the old 100 dollar bills still continue to be legal and over time the banks will collect the older bills and exchange them for the new ones.
jsp) Dollar Tree and Deals, Dollar Express and Dollar Bills stores nationwide, is recalling the product after large glass pieces were found in some jars.
What I would like to know is who keeps the dollar bills, is it the X-ray machine operator or is it confiscated by the US government?
And every year, more than 3 billion dollar bills get pulled from circulation, shredded, and sent to landfills.
Summary: DUBAI -- A Syrian visitor was cleared on Tuesday by the Court of First Instance of the charge of possessing fake dollar bills for circulation.
These Dollar-bills were painted with black and white dye and claimed they needed money to buy a special chemical which dissolves the said black and white pigment off the dollar bills.
The latest poll finds little public support for replacing all dollar bills with dollar coins.
Following Nick and his friends through the incidental killing of a man on a stretch of deserted mountain highway, bringing them to his thick wad of one-hundred dollar bills and a key leading to a mysterious video-tape, Sleeping Policemen captivates the reader's attention from beginning to end with a swiftly paced story filled with engaging twists and unexpected turns.