Dolichos lablab

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perennial twining vine of Old World tropics having trifoliate leaves and racemes of fragrant purple pea-like flowers followed by maroon pods of edible seeds

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The K content in the biomass of Dolichos lablab was significantly higher than in the other legumes, followed by Crotalaria spectabilis and Canavalia ensiformes, which differed from Cajanus cajan and Crotalaria juncea (Table 1).
Dolichos lablab has also been reported to accumulate heavy metals from fly ash-contaminated area [16].
The evaluated species were Dolichos lablab, Cajanus cajan, Canavalis ensiformis, Crotalaria juncea, C.
indicus, Cicer arietinum, Dipogon, Dolichos lablab, D.
Osman MA Effect of Different Processing Methods, on Nutrient Composition, Antinutrional Factors, and in vitro Protein Digestibility of Dolichos Lablab Bean [Lablabpurpuresus (L) Sweet].
FABACEAE Dolichos lablab Frijol chileno Fruits, fresh Oral L.