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United States electrical engineer who devised the Dolby system used to reduce background noise in tape recording


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These Harman Kardon BDS systems are also the first in the world with Dolby Volume, which automatically balances the volume between loud action scenes and quiet dialog; no more punching the volume remote every two minutes for fear of waking the neighbors or the kids.
Features the latest Dolby Volume control, Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding audio modes
Ratio of TruVolume-equipped CE products compared to Dolby Volume
Key benefits of the new Dolby Multistream Decoder with Dolby Volume include:
For example, a MS11 DDT dual use case, including Dolby Volume over 5.
Some devices on display featuring Dolby Volume will be new Motorola digital set-top boxes, new Toshiba REGZA[TM] series LCD televisions, and a broad array of premium audio-video receivers and processors.
Moving from project support, Hill & Knowlton as AOR will support Dolby on its corporate communications efforts in the US as well as the vast line of Dolby product groups including Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Mobile, Dolby 3D Cinema, Dolby Gaming, Dolby PC Audio, Dolby's Pro-broadcast and Dolby Volume.
Dolby Volume technology allows consumers to control the volume level on their playback devices so that it remains consistent across commercials and channel changes.
University of Miami Consumer Study Concluded that SRS TruVolume is Vastly More Effective Than Dolby Volume in Terms of Eliminating TV Volume Fluctuations
Given the importance of integration of multiple entertainment devices, both the AVR 3600 and AVR 2600 feature Dolby Volume to maintain consistent and clear sound volume when switching between multiple sources, such as from DVR to TV to music, one TV channel to another or even a TV program to an overly loud commercial.
It supports MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC high-definition video, Dolby[R] Digital Plus and Dolby Volume intelligent multi-channel audio leveling.
Dolby Volume provides consumer electronics manufacturers a simple and elegant option for managing loudness control where metadata is not present.
The superior picture quality is matched by superior sound quality as Dolby Volume ensures a consistent volume level, even during commercials or when changing channels.
A breakthrough audio-processing technology, Dolby Volume provides a consistent volume level across all content sources and creates a reference-quality listening experience at any level.
To ensure that the sound quality is as enjoyable as the picture quality, Toshiba has also included new Dolby Volume sound leveling, and Audyssey EQ.