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United States electrical engineer who devised the Dolby system used to reduce background noise in tape recording


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And playing on a cinema screen with full Dolby surround sound is an amazing experience no one ever gets tired of.
The series cost $30 million to make, using the latest CGI animation and Dolby Surround Sound.
Dog guards/cargo restraints,16-inch alloy wheels, Dolby surround CD/radio and leather faced seats all come as standard.
They've added these atmospheric effects that are in Dolby surround and even for myself, having done it, when I watch I get sacked in--freaked out.
And just like the rest of us I think Elizabeth R would very much appreciate the sight of a naked Pierce Brosnan "at it" in full Technicolor with Dolby Surround Sound.
Today, Dolby Surround, Dolby Digital, and Dolby Pro Logic II are incorporated into hundreds of major game titles on every major game platform.
Flicker-free viewing with 100Hz processing is also possible and Virtual Dolby Surround Sound is built-in with an optical output for connection to an appropriate A/V system for full surround sound.
This rather short compact disc has been encoded with Delos VR2 processing, which is their version of basic Dolby Surround.
Dolby Digital AC-3 sound is encoded into laserdiscs, but not on the more popular videotapes, which utilize the four-channel Dolby Surround sound.
The five RCA jacks added to the receiver's rear panel provide easy connections for Dolby digital decoders and incorporate Yamaha's Cinema DSP processing for traditional Dolby Surround Pro Logic sources.
Theirs is a world of luminous pixels, THX Dolby surround sound, and ever-increasing CPU speed.
Launched at Mobile World Congress, the Voddler([R]) implementation of Dolby Digital Plus audio will provide high-quality movie streaming with cinematic Dolby surround sound to select Nokia([R]) devices.
It also brings back HTC's BoomSound speakers, with Dolby Surround sound.
Watching a football match in Dolby surround sound really brings the thrill of the match in to your home," said Mohammed Najeeb, the head of Abu Dhabi Al Riyadiya Channels -- Abu Dhabi Media's sports broadcasting department.