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Abu Dhabi: The Emirates Standardisation and Metrology Authority (Esma) has set standards for dokha tobacco products.
Towards the second month, Sayyida Nada decided to focus on two museums -- Lumbini Museum in Lumbini and Hanuman Dokha Museum in Kathmandu Durbar Square which was devastated by the 2015 earthquake.
He added that there were also reported cases of induced seizures among dokha smokers which resulted from the extremely high nicotine concentrations as well as cases of carbon monoxide intoxication among shisha smokers.
It gives me a strange feeling and I feel the dokha tobacco go straight to my head.
Dr Mohammad Abul Munem, an internal medicine specialist at the University Hospital in Sharjah, has claimed that a single inhalation of dokha is equivalent to five to ten cigarettes depending on the dokha strength.
Smoking dokha is more harmful than cigarettes, as stated in a report published in Gulf News in June 2012.
However, Dr Zahir refutes any comparison between different types of smoking because studies don't specify the differences between strengths of dokha and cigarettes being compared as well as the length of time spent smoking between them.
Our research has identified many CNS depressants which could be associated with symptoms such as dizziness, incoordination, nausea, unconsciousness, fatigue, drowsiness, tension and sweating which have been reported among smokers of dokha and shisha," said Dr Yehya Al Sayed, Associate Professor in Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Sciences at AUS.
The Department of Economic Development - Dubai (DED), has confiscated five tonnes of tobacco worth Dh500,000 used for smoking in locally-made pipes known as Medwakh or Dokha.
But aside from regular cigarettes, she said there is a real need to highlight the dangers of shisha and dokha smoking.
Dubai: Dubai Municipality has warned 40 dokha stores regarding the sale of the tobacco without prior licence or certificate of conformity, said Engineer Marwan Abdullah Al Mohammad, Director of the Public Health and Safety Department.
Raghib Ali, director of Public Health Research Centre at the NYU Abu Dhabi, said the popularity of midwakh (pipe) or dokha (tobacco blend) escalated "very rapidly" in the Gulf region in the past 10 years, especially among the young people.
Abu Dhabi: Most university students who smoke dokha agree that it's an unhealthy habit, but consider themselves to be healthy, according to student-led research into the trend.
Youngsters are shifting from cigarettes to cruder forms like dokha and midwakh
Dubai: The correct way to fight smoking is to use scientific facts and not circulate incorrect information, such as the recent claims that dokha contains marijuana, a police official said.