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Dr Manal earlier said she tested the urine of 40 patients and 30 per cent were found positive for marijuana, adding that the only common factor among all patients was that they all smoked dokha.
gt; Less mess -- because you're only smoking a small pinch of dokha, there are hardly any ashes and certainly no cigarette/cigar butts.
The practice of smoking medwakh, a long, slender pipe, filled with dokha, the powdery tobacco, has traditionally been popular with fishermen and Bedouins but has now grown in use among young UAE residents.
Dr Mohammad Abul Munem, an internal medicine specialist at the University Hospital in Sharjah, has claimed that a single inhalation of dokha is equivalent to five to ten cigarettes depending on the dokha strength.
Unfortunately, there were 40 shops selling dokha without the necessary certificates which is not in the interest of the public's health and safety, Al Mohammad said.
I met one student who couldn't sit his three-hour exam because he couldn't go for such a long period without smoking his dokha.
We need to increase the tax on the pipe and dokha so that the tax is equal to that of cigarettes sold.
The survey of dokha smokers from two leading universities in Abu Dhabi was carried out by Lakshmi Menon, a student at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD), as part of the university's capstone project undertaken by graduate students.
Raghib Ali, director of Public Health Research Centre at the NYU Abu Dhabi, said the popularity of midwakh (pipe) or dokha (tobacco blend) escalated "very rapidly" in the Gulf region in the past 10 years, especially among the young people.
Dubai: The correct way to fight smoking is to use scientific facts and not circulate incorrect information, such as the recent claims that dokha contains marijuana, a police official said.
A midwakh, also spelled medwakh, is a slender pipe of Arabian origin, in which dokha, a sifted Iranian tobacco product mixed with aromatic leaf and bark herbs, is smoked.
Dubai: Dubai police's antinarcotic department says there is no marijuana in dokha tobacco and the Dubai-based doctor who claimed to find traces of marijuana in the urine of dokha smokers said she is going to reassess her findings.
Dubai: Dokha smokers in the UAE do not believe the tobacco contains any marijuana.
Dubai: A Dubai-based doctor has found that traces of marijuana in urine was a common factor among patients who smoke dokha, a form of tobacco.
Dubai: A practice originating in Oman over two centuries ago, dokha smoking has become a common phenomenon among people between the ages of 20 and 30, with over 150 dokha shops selling the tobacco blend in the UAE, the manager of a certain dokha store in Jumeirah said.