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Synonyms for leisure

at your leisure


  • in your own (good) time
  • in due course
  • at your convenience
  • unhurriedly
  • when it suits you
  • without hurry
  • at an unhurried pace
  • when you get round to it

Synonyms for leisure

freedom from labor, responsibility, or strain

Synonyms for leisure

time available for ease and relaxation

freedom to choose a pastime or enjoyable activity

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KARACHI -- Miandad said that the ICC should be involved in guaranteeing the safety of players and encourage teams to tour Pakistan instead of just standing back and doing nothing as teams renege on their commitments, Pak Passion reported.
But the thing about maternity leave, at least during the pre-baby bit, is that I'm not very good at doing nothing.
Police stations and other administrations do not have hostels' record and are doing nothing despite security threats.
Having come from a very purpose-driven lifestyle, I am glad that I have had the chance to learn more of a balance of doing nothing -- in the right situation, that is.
The Art Of Doing Nothing Mark Owen TAKE That's cheeky chappy returns with his fourth solo album - an album he crafted at the bottom of his garden while on a year-long hiatus from the boyband.
Or maybe what I write makes you feel guilty, over doing nothing .
Doing nothing for a little while each day is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.
Doing nothing is the management equivalent of a baby's soother.
But something has to be done, and doing nothing is not an option.
ramorum attacks a wide range of species, killing some but doing nothing worse than causing leaf spots in others.
I had excellent results by doing nothing more that putting a blast "INFORMATION YOU REQUESTED IS ENCLOSED" sticker and First Class postage on my control package and shooting it off.
On the other hand, Bean has a hard time doing nothing.
What I discovered was that practically no one was doing nothing.
But for 10 minutes in the morning in homeroom and 10 minutes at the end of their school days, 160 fifth- through eighth-graders at Nataki Talibah Schoolhouse of Detroit are far from doing nothing.
There is nothing cool about hating your job and doing nothing about it" and "the idea of working in unfulfilling jobs during your youthful years so that you can enjoy some golf and cribbage in your dotage has to be one of the most depressing thoughts there is.