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military identification tag worn on a chain around the neck

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metal plate on a dog collar bearing its registration number

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IDENTITY n Hero's dogtag PILOTJ Sgt William Smith CJ WITH HIS PLANE
UTAG can be worn on a dogtag chain, zip pull or keyring and costs just pounds 19.
Stewart, 65, sported a special dogtag publicising the drive against bullies.
Bracelets - one made out of dogtag chain and the other a gift from Dubai
I unrolled from a soft cloth my father's prison-camp dogtag and wear the little tongue of gray steel as a pendant.
No man But the fragments of metal Tho there were men there were men Fought No man but the fragments of metal Burying my dogtag with H For Hebrew in the rubble of Alsace
Dogtag Summer Lizabeth Partridge Bloomsbury Publishing 175-5th Ave.
Where is the metal dogtag that all military personnel wear around their neck?
They provide them with the real thing - a personalised dogtag engraved with a web address.
Anybody can look like a star while rocking with these jewel-encrusted designs including the polished, brushed or skull-and-crossbones dogtag styles.
I had great fun making the bra and felt the end result does reflect my personality, particularly the little 'trouble' dogtag.
Thankfully, he recovered ( and with the help of skiing friend Mike Welby, Dave subsequently launched Dogtag Insurance ( with a dogtag embedded with a web address and personal reference number which can be accessed anywhere in the world.
A third of Scots risk their lives by travelling abroad without travel insurance, according to a study from Dogtag Insurance.
Thankfully,he recovered -and with the help of ski-ingfriend Mike Welby, Dave launched Dogtag Insurance.