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either of two short watches: from 4-6 pm or 6-8 pm

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The area's first Dog Watch scheme is being set up with free membership to all dog owners living in the borough.
Police are also promoting responsible dog ownership and pet security, as part of a new city-wide Dog Watch scheme.
I met with two councillors to discuss the Dogwatch scheme, and was advised to set up the scheme, register members and also log all reports made by Dog watch.
BIG FIGHT: Ashley and Mad Dog watch Fred and Eddie square up TAKE THAT: Tracy lashes out GIRL POWER: Claire ends up scrapping with Mad Dog's girlfriend
Dog Watch Two: a pounds 10,000 'dog camera' now scans a London street where residents are fed up with seeing the place turned into a canine khazi.
In today's Derby Trial, English-bred Dog Watch, with Jose Valdivia Jr.
His photograph, San Emigdio Gold, shows the clouds parting as the cowboy and his dog watch the gathering of the cattle herd.
THEY GET MORE AT LINTHWAITE: Two men and a dog watch England and Pakistan play in front of rows of empty seats at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium
Andy Devine, a residents who is coordinating the Broughton Dog Watch, said: "The scheme has been a huge success and has made big improvements around the village.
A Neighbourhood Dog Watch scheme has been launched in Park End, Middlesbrough.
McNulty Street, small brown dog with a Dog Watch collar missing.
He will be the face of Dog Watch, a new scheme designed to enlist dog lovers in Acocks Green, Sparkbrook, Sparkhill and Balsall Heath in the war on crime.
1 dog one's footsteps 2 put on the dog (wear fur) 3 doggone 4 dog's breakfast 5 play dog in the manger 6 dogsbody 7 dog eared 8 nose around 9 go to the dogs 10 doggy fashion/style 11 dog Latin 12 dogfight 13 lazy person 14 dog collar 15 dogs 16 a hair of the dog that bit one 17 the dog before his master 18 dog end 19 pup tent 20 dog watch 21 dog soldier 22 dog tag 23 doggy work 24 dog leg 25 influenza 26 in the doghouse 27 dog hole 28 (Al Capp's) Dogpatch 29 dog water 30 dog's dick 31 dog's vomit 32 let the dog see the rabbit 33 puppy love 34 bitchy 35 drunk as a fiddler's bitch
Among the contenders: Dog Watch, Scooter Brown and Outsourcing in division one, and Lady's Din and Kraal in division two.
I am happy to have Mark's endorsement of our Pet Containment Company; this is big news for us in a market that is very competitive with Invisible Fence and Dog Watch.