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the work of a pet sitter

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The Wirral Way, a popular area with dog walkers, is a path on the track of an old railway that goes from West Kirby to Hooton, offering beautiful views over the Dee Estuary to Wales.
Additionally, the Dog Walker features an additional component specifically designed to transport puppies comfortably and safely.
The man then punched the dog walker to the face, causing him to lose four of his front teeth.
Dennehy, 31, had previously admitted the killings and the attempted murders of two dog walkers, John Rogers and Mr Bereza.
She was like a teenager," the fellow dog walker added.
In her business, dog walker Cynthia Elkey follows the rules.
For more information, or to schedule time with Jaime, please call Dog Walker Safety Gear at (954) 796-4070 or email customerservice@dogwalkersafetygear.
Mr Kovari's body was found by a dog walker near the churchyard of St Margaret's Church on August 28 last year.
The body of the 49-yearold was found by a dog walker at Newburn Riverside Park, Newcastle, on November 7.
Dog walker James Farmer, 39, from Porthcawl, said he saw the badly injured dog, which he believed had been used in dog fighting, being pushed out of a car on Thursday afternoon and it ran towards him and attempted to attack him and his Husky, Loki, but they escaped over a fence.
POLICE want to trace a dog walker who could help with inquiries into an alleged assault.
A DOG walker found a sack containing a gun while walking in woods in Wirral.
A DOG walker died yesterday after being trampled by a heard of cows.
In Saturday's episode, entitled When the Gloves Come Off, Connie plays the role of Amanda, an unfortunate dog walker who falls into a cave.