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military identification tag worn on a chain around the neck

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metal plate on a dog collar bearing its registration number

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Customers were given an opportunity to purchase a 81 or 85 paper dog tag to be personally customized and displayed on the pub walls.
Dog tags are an iconic symbol of the military and have been representative of the sacrifices inherent in military service since their debut on the battlefields of the Civil War.
Maurine Carethers-Tate, 57, said her father never knew where his dog tags had been lost before he stormed the beaches of Normandy.
I was baffled as to how my dog tags ended up in the possession of the safety officer.
NASDAQ: ATVI), today announced the sale of new limited edition dog tags that will benefit the Call of Duty Endowment, a private nonprofit foundation that supports groups placing former service members into high quality careers and raises awareness of the value veterans bring to the civilian workplace.
Rewards include dog tags, vehicle paints, and weapons.
Dog Tags is a natural extension of the WHS's vision: to create ways for animals and people in need to help one another.
Then use safety wire to fasten the dog tag to the barrel.
Her facility houses relics of the war: weapons, clothing, personal effects of both Japanese and American military personnel, dog tags and even human remains.
METAL detecting enthusiasts scanned farmland at Clayton West hoping to find dog tags buried in a field hours earlier.
The action day, to be held at the Social Centre, will include free microchipping for dogs, cats and rabbits and free dog tags.
Launching in the UK at the same time as Bayer's CONTOUR(R) USB meter, the Dog Tags are GBP6 and Bayer will make a donation to the Jonas Brothers' Change for the Children Foundation as well as donating GBP1 to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for every dog tag sold.
The events will also feature other free giveaways and services, including dog tags, flea removal, biodegradable dog waste bags and pet neutering vouchers.
Other free treatments included health checks, flea treatments, worming and visitors received dog tags, bags and general health advice for their pets.