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I've stepped in dog poop once, and I've been up there - doing this - since 2003.
Poop Bag Club is an automatic monthly delivery service for dog poop bags.
There are signs up by the pitch, but we still have to spend half an hour, every time we use it, clearing up pieces of dog poop before we can let the children on.
Kindly scoop up your dog poop and take it home to dispose of
Not to say it can't be done: This past September artist Matthew Mazzotta, armed with a $4,000 grant from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)--where he earned a master's degree in visual studies last year--created the ingenious Park Spark poop converter system that uses dog poop to power a gas lantern that illuminates a corner of the Pacific Street Dog Park in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
The speakers featured include Andy Janning, FORUM Credit Union vice president of training and quality service; Kirk Weisler, author of The Dog Poop Initiative; Paul Wesselmann, creator of the Ripples Project; and Lou Russell, CEO of Russell Martin & Associates.
Or suggest the practice advocated by Gandhiji during his time -- ' Tatti par mitti' , the covering of human excreta or in this case dog poop with soil -- even if they accuse you of being a dog- hater.
Gosh, it takes me weeks to get over minor neighbourhood tiffs, never mind more important issues like death, hikes in my cable bill and finding dog poop on my lawn.
Attempts are being made for dog poop to be taken more seriously than ever in the Engomi area of Nicosia.
For a fee, she will scoop dog poop for clients from Quincy to the Wenatchee Valley once or twice a week.
Jeff Kent walking out to get his newspaper and chasing away those darn neighbor kids -- Matt, Andy, James and Andre -- who left a burning paper bag of dog poop on his porch?
But without a scorecard it can be hard to know which mouthy headline-lassoers on the culture landscape are easily ignored and which ones deserve to have bags of dog poop set on fire on their front porches.
To anyone stepping in a pile of dog poop on their way to work today, or finding the front garden carpeted in crisp bags - take heart.