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Synonyms for kennel

outbuilding that serves as a shelter for a dog

put up in a kennel

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Keith Dixon who has done much to improve his home at Dog Kennel Bank, Longley 121214AHOUSE_10 JULIAN HUGHES
Wiens Veterinary Hospital and Dog Kennel will provide state-of-the-art facilities to support the training of current and future engineer dog teams.
The court was told that it took 45 minutes for police to locate the gang, who were found crammed into a dog kennel at one of the properties.
The property stands in large lawned gardens with vegetable area, dog kennel, garage, and workshop.
Sabina to upgrade the dog kennel and add a shelter for small animals.
A TEENAGER has told a jury how the gun used to kill Rhys Jones in Liverpool was hidden from police in a dog kennel at his home.
A WOMAN has been jailed for three years for locking her 10 year-old grandson inside a dog kennel every night for three years while she went to work - as a prison counsellor.
Angel Puss Rescue had been operating without permits for animal boarding or running a cat or dog kennel, officials said.
Developers behind the plan to transform the 57-acre TRW site between the A34 Stratford Road, Dog Kennel Lane and Blackford Road into an office complex recently purchased the 35,630 sq ft Goodrich office building for pounds 5 million.
Carl Trevor Jones was discovered inside the dog kennel.
Bernadette, who appeared in court on harassment charges this week, tried hiding bunches of flowers under his car and in his dog kennel.
Doggywood is a 1,600 square foot $200,000 dog kennel set to open just in time for Dollywood's Smoky Mountain Christmas on November 9.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Items For Construction Of Dog Kennel
On my journey to worK from Almondbury I travel down Somerset Road and twice I have been involved in an accident as drivers have pulled out on me at the junction from Dog Kennel BanK from Lowerhouses.
Because it was wedged into a short cul de sac, it must have looked a bit like a dog kennel in an old backyard.