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Synonyms for dogfight

a fiercely disputed contest

Related Words

disorderly fighting

an aerial engagement between fighter planes

a violent fight between dogs (sometimes organized illegally for entertainment and gambling)

arrange for an illegal dogfight

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engage in an aerial battle with another fighter plane

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There are many 'underground' places in Bahrain, including Isa Town, where dog fights take place and it is a big profitable business to the people involved.
The evil gang have since bombarded Angus with underground dog magazines, photographs and sickening videos of dog fight champions.
Here charity officers found a dog training centre where pit bulls were brutally trained to take part in dog fights.
HA J L Left and right, two of the pit bulls which were rescued by officers during the raids SICKENING J The footage which shows David and Colin Reid during one of their dog fights.
Among the grisly footage of the aftermath of dog fights are pictures of animals seized in Dublin, the staple marks clearly showing where their evil owners tried to close their wounds.
Mughal, of Unett Street, Smethwick, pleaded guilty to charges of causing the dogs to fight, being present at a dog fight, possessing a pit bull terrier and causing unnecessary suffering.
The link or overlap between the world of dog fights and illicit breeders occurs as they cross different breeds in a quest to create the strongest, fastest, most vicious animals they can.
These dog fighters abuse, starve and kill their dogs for the supposed 'fun' of watching and gambling on a dog fight.
The 37-year-old is accused of causing unnecessary suffering, possessing a dangerous dog, training a dog to fight, and owning equipment used in dog fight training.
Ten men have been convicted for their involvement with an organised dog fight which took place at a Birmingham kitchen appliance store.
The post followed a GDN report earlier this month exposing other disturbing photos on Instagram that appeared to depict a dog fight in Isa Town.
This time, it was a dog fight that the gangsters found edifying and most viewers, we imagine, repulsive.
A search warrant was executed Saturday night in Kansas, after the FBI raided a location suspected of holding a contract dog fight in north Texas.
The 37-year-old is accused of causing unnecessary suffering to a dog, possessing a dangerous dog, training a dog to fight, and owning equipment used in dog fight training.