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The three-month-old golden retrievers - named after the members of McFly, Danny, Dougie, Tom and Harry - have been lovingly cared for by a former Coventry lecturer and dog breeder.
One dog breeder said: ''I think she has done the right thing by standing down.
Dog breeders say that if the family chooses a Portuguese water dog, the animal will demand attention.
These profiles hold important information not only for the dog breeders and dog lovers themselves, but for companies who offer important retail products and services for new puppies such as insurance and microchips.
German Shepherd Tessa is looking for a new home after she was rescued from a disreputable dog breeder.
Six pounds 20 notes were given to a dog breeder in Consett on Thursday evening by a couple buying a seven-week-old Jack Russell puppy.
Dog breeder Andy Roe, of Grey Goose Farm on Marsh Road in Banks, said: 'They are so adorable, we have decided to keep one.
They gave their winnings to Guide Dogs for the Blind because their retriever Tammy came from a guide dog breeder.
The spate of thefts surprises April Vallier, a novice dog breeder in Palmdale, who has had scant success in selling a litter of six 11-week-old Yorkies.
A dog breeder has offered a substantial reward after his prize-winning puppy ran away in the Midlands.
DETECTIVES investigating the murders of a dog breeder and her 89-year-old mother were yesterday questioning a man.
NEWS: County Durham dog breeder Stephen Potts has been arrested after his American bulldogs left two people in hospital "I strongly believe it's the owner, not the breed.
Dog breeder Rob Cain, 37, of Kidsgrove, recently had four Japanese akita puppies, worth PS450 each, stolen.
For a dog breeder, the increase in license fee from $30 to $100 per unaltered animal would be the big cost, and a permit would increase from $50 to $100.