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a bite inflicted by a dog

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A SHOCKING rise in savage dog attacks that have left victims maimed and scarred for life can be revealed today.
According to NHS data there have been 4,263 admissions to hospitals in Wales from dog attacks since 1999.
Statistically, children are far more likely to die in the family car than from a dog attack.
DANGERDOGS im anding ks mili milie "We will be able to give him a better understanding of how dog attacks affect families - and what we would like done to stop more innocent children being mauled.
Horrific injuries: Mohamoud Sharif was left with a badly injured leg and foot, inset, after a dog attack.
The Royal Liverpool Children's NHS Trust has the second highest number of children (20) being admitted with dog attack injuries, between 2007-2008, placing them just behind Manchester, along with 38 adults admitted to that trust.
Farm leaders spoke out in the wake of a dog attack on four ewes at Bistre Farm, Buckley.
JAIL ROW OVER LEXI THE mum of tragic dog attack victim Lexi Branson could have faced a 14-year jail term if a new law had been in force, MPs heard yesterday.
Pedigree puppy dead and owner dripping with blood after dog attack in Holmfirth A pedigree puppy died and its owner was left dripping in blood after a ferocious dog attack.
The recent death of a Liverpool man killed by dog in his back garden is another terrible, unnecessary and avoidable death due to a dog attack on an elderly, frail and defenceless pensioner, 79-year-old Clifford Clarke, who didn't stand a chance of defending himself.
ANOTHER swan in Coventry has died after a vicious dog attack.
Dog attack horror of girl, three FROM PAGE ONE involving this breed of dog but it's not just huskies that could attack young children.
org - Merritt Clifton, editor of Animal People, has released a 30-year summary of his report, Dog Attack Deaths and Maimings, U.
He said that, given the tight returns in the sheep sector, a dog attack can genuinely affect farmers' livelihoods, sometimes making the different between profit and loss for a family business.