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Synonyms for allergy

dislike of


  • dislike of
  • hatred of
  • hostility to or towards
  • aversion to
  • loathing of
  • disgust of
  • antipathy towards
  • animosity towards
  • displeasure of
  • antagonism towards
  • distaste of
  • enmity towards
  • opposition towards
  • repugnance of
  • disinclination towards

Synonyms for allergy

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Maybe the humans had to move to a place where dogs aren't allowed, or maybe a family member developed a dog allergy.
In the ruling, the agency banned pet dogs altogether on planes not having a HEPA filter ventilation system, in case a passenger with a dog allergy was on board.
The Allergy Dog Central website was started to help dog owners understand and share common dog allergy symptoms, causes and recommended treatments.
Watch out taxi drivers with a dog allergy if a disabled person with a guide dog flags you down - see page 109 for why it is now a criminal offence to refuse to carry that canine.
Dr James Cook, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association, said: "I understand there may be a dog allergy in the Obama family, and, if that's the case, then choosing a dog that has low dander and doesn't shed may be the right choice.