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the hot period between early July and early September

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Yep, there are all kinds of things you can do to stimulate interest - and sales - during the dog days of summer.
Now if anyone asks you how to beat the dog days of summer, you can tell them to chill out with SW's summer survival guide.
However, as you are out and about enduring the dog days of summer, there is a way around spending extra money.
Equities appear to be navigating the dog days of summer with markets being driven more by geopolitical events than economic and company fundamentals.
AS WE approach the so-called dog days of summer and the holiday period, it's a good time to take stock of where the economy is right now and how manufacturers in North Wales are feeling.
The Eugene Emeralds look forward to seeing your canine companions in the stands of PK Park on July 30th for Dog Days of Summer.
We want to make sure in these lazy dog days of summer that players have a powerhouse tournament that will keep them excited.
CALIFORNIANS are gearing up for the dog days of summer at the beach, lounging in the bleacher seats at Dodger Stadium and in summer-school classrooms.
The dog days of summer are anything but slow at Trump Plaza where sales are moving as fast as construction of the new 40-story luxury residential tower that soars above the New Rochelle skyline.
The weather-protective ToughGuard finish resists the elements, allowing this fan to stay outside from spring's first shower right through the dog days of summer.
Lisa Patterson, "Relishing the Dog Days of Summer at Camp," Associated Press Newswires
Sirius, the dog star, associated with the dog days of summer and the attendant sickness and drought, was classified with such incontrovertibly red objects as Mars and Antares.
Dog Days of Summer Canine Festival in Cardiff, CA on August 11(th)
com)-- With a late-summer heat wave in full force, it's safe to say the dog days of summer have officially arrived.
From picnics in the park to backyard barbeques, keep cool during the dog days of summer with Spain's finest white wine -- Albarino from Rias Baixas.